Friday, January 27, 2012

Secure as a Rock?

I've just read some of Beth Moore's book "So Long Insecurity...", (which I've already read once and promptly forgotten).  Only in chapter one, things are hitting home like I have never thought about them before. Which I have, but I guess there is argueably some truth that repetition helps you remember things. The one topic I am focusing on today is insecurity, and how we so often try to become secure in ourselves. My own personal insecurities lie in the area of appearance but people have many different strongholds. When I look at how I spend my time (working out), my money (gym, workout clothes, and my newest obsession, P90X!), and my thoughts (how to cut back on eating/eat healthier to lose weight, my never-ending quest), I think it's pretty obvious where my insecurities lie. I feel the most secure when I feel like I look my best.

But Beth Moore says something interesting in her book, something I've never thought of before.  She talks about her quest to become so secure she is like a rock, immoveable and unaffected by life. But is that a good thing? She writes that no, it isn't, because, she reasons "I have a feeling we can never get so secure in ourselves that we cannot be moved. Can a rock ever move forward?"

I want to move forward. I've wasted too much precious time and mental energy that I could have been spending on my family or with God (or on other-dare I say fun??-things) trying to figure out how to lose weight and become "prettier". How many of us have looked at an ad for skincare, or lingerie, and thought, if only I looked like that, I'd feel better about myself...
Well, as a person who currently struggles with that very thing, it's no fun. It doesn't seem like it will ever come. It's just within sight but too far to reach, partly because we were never meant to focus on those things. Out security comes from God, and God alone.

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