Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Deer. They are the bane of my existence. I understand that I moved into their neighborhood, but they are not being good neighbors (I, just as aside, feel I am a reasonable and agreeable neighbor). My recently landscaped yard is not an all-you-can eat salad bar, thank you! The elusive little beings nibble my sedum down to the nub and yank my phlox up by the very roots and just leave it laid bare to die, the only evidence that they were even there being their tiny little hoof prints all in my mulch. And the mamas are showing their sweet little babies where to come nosh, too, and then those babies will share their new eats with their own babies...they won't ever stop coming, will they?! Infuriating! I'm going to try some liquid fence to try and ward them off (ha! and double ha!).  I'm not holding my breath.

In some ways, my poor flowers remind me of life. Unless I am firmly rooted in the fertile soil of God's Word, I can and will be easily yanked up by the roots. I need to be solid and established in Him, by reading His Word and prayer, so that when the enemy tries to violently (it's never a gentle tug) pull me up, I will not be swayed. And the enemy won't ever stop trying, just like those blasted deer. My protection comes from God and God alone, although I have tried different ways of self-preservation, thinking that God couldn't or wouldn't come to my aide. It's not that He wouldn't or couldn't, it's that I never turned to Him to ask in the first place. He is fully capable and wants to offer us His security. He also wants us to be firmly rooted in Him so we can bear good fruit.  And we need to show our own babies where to be nourished, where to go to be established! I see His protection as a sort of "liquid fence" (a thick, inpenetratable barrier) that I am inside of, similar to my plants. But if I allow any chinks or cracks in that wall (like trying to find security and purpose in something else besides Him - that causes a sizable crack!), then that allows the enemy to squeeze his way in -- bad news. It's something that I have to consistantly stay on top of, too, akin to replacing that liquid fence in my yard. I have to keep up with it or I'll have breaks in the barrier that I won't even know are there. I don't see God's protection as confining like I used to. I used to see it as a list of "no's"- no, you can't do this, no, that's not right, no, you can't have fun, no, no, no! But now I see His protection as a source of rest. I can breath. I have hope, and peace, because I know The Maker of the entire universe (that's huge) wants to protect me.  Sometimes I imagine Him as a king (stick with my imaginative thoughts here...) like the king of England (or what about Prince William or Prince Harry?) or something, and I imagine how I would feel if the king directly summoned me and told me that he felt I was worthy of his entire army just to protect me. It kinda takes my breath away that God is that interested in me, just as I I am so relieved that I am protected.

Now what to do about my garden...

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