Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Today, I am linking up with Elizabeth from E, Myself and I, who is hosting her weekly "Midweek Confessions".

Midweek Confessions sound fun, right? OK, then, I have a few...

-When my kids discovered a sound I will politely describe as "passing gas" on the iPad, while they laughed hysterically, I should have gently reminded them that such sounds poor taste. However, I could not help but turn my head and laugh along with them. Seriously. A grown woman.

-A service man came by my house today to work on our hot water heater, which has been having the same problem for months, and I am not exaggerating here. Then, he said he had to charge me a diagnostic fee for looking at the hot water heater. What?  Normally, I would say "Um...okay..." Today, I said I would call the office to pay, and when I called, I got up enough nerve to challenge the fee.

-I received phone call today from a contractor we have hired to do some work at our home. Said contractor had a slightly irritated tone of voice, which would normally send me into "fix it" mode, meaning I will bend over backward and agree with whatever he said (even if I don't agree). Today, I took a deep breath and was very forthright with him. I even left out the word please.

-Lastly, I have been treating my daily devotion like it's a fast food drive-thru. Quick verse, quick devotion, rehearsed prayer (while thoughts are anywhere but on God), and off we go. Time to return to my lifeline!

Sooooooooo? How about you??

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