Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Midweek Confessions

The days are rolling by faster than I can keep up with. Here we are back at Wednesday again, and it's time for my Midweek Confessions...

*Now that the kids have started school, I'm sad because that means that the summer is winding down. When school starts, the laziness of summer that I enjoy turns into sports, homework, birthday parties, school events, and hours volunteering. I was really sad that my kids went back to school because I missed having them around during the day. That said, here's my confession: I so love having time to myself during the day! I feel a little guilty saying that, but it's the honest truth. And I haven't missed the arguments over whose toy someone is playing with, or who is getting the last of the Doritos (baked, of course...see below).

*I am a Food Nazi. There, I said it. Now the people who think this about me can rest assured that I do know this about myself. I understand that there are things about myself that could be improved...Somehow, I feel that I am doing those around me a huge favor (even if they didn't ask) by reminding them (sometimes it's just a disapproving look) how unhealthy certain foods are. And I feel like I am teaching my children amazingly healthy habits that they will carry throughout their entire lives by insisting that they choke down eat a vegetable with their dinner, which doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Of course, what I don't know about are the gallons of Coke they drink or the pounds of store-bought pizza and candy {gasp} they eat when at other peoples houses.

*This week, when I got home from the grocery store, I tried to multi-task by putting away my groceries while I ate my lunch. Have I mentioned that I do not multi-task well? I got an apple out, washed it off, and set it on the counter next to some frozen foods that needed to go into the freezer in the garage. When I got back inside, I picked up my apple to take a bite and discovered a mystery bite had already been taken out of it. I admit, the thought crossed my mind that maybe I had purchased an apple that already had a bite taken out of it because I had absolutely zero recollection of taking any bite out of that apple. Here's the true confession: I still don't remember taking the bite. Scary.

*Last but not least...I am still scared of the dark. I went down the basement (have you ever noticed that normal basements get really creepy at night?) to make sure the door was closed the other night. Everyone else was asleep, the house was dark and silent, and faster than you can say creepy I high-tailed up the steps two at a time like you have never seen...and then locked the door, just in case the creepy-ness leaked out.

What's your week been like?

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