Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Midweek Confession

Today, I'm linking up with E over at E, Myself & I  midweek confessions. She doesn't want to be the only one out there who makes confessions, and neither do I, so fess up, y'all...

* Today, I gathered myself up and went to a cycle class at the gym during the time that my son is typically in art class. He loves for me to come in art, and I knew today would be no exception, but I really wanted to go to cycle. I felt so guilty as I drove by the school, thinking of his sad little face missing his mommy that I almost turned in, but then I took a deep breath and went on my way to the gym. If I don't take care of myself, then who will? The true confession here is that I think I give myself a little too much credit. He didn't even notice that I wasn't there.

*While at cycle, the instructor always does this little arm stretch at the beginning of class (which I don't get because you don't even really use your arms in cycle, but what do I know?), and so I, like everyone else, was stretching my right arm high in the air. Right at that time, a woman came into class late and grabbed the fan that was sitting near me. I was so involved in watching her and thinking that I was actually going to use that fan and wondering if maybe she would share with me (which she totally did NOT) that when I turned back to the instructor, she was totally done stretching AND had actually begun the first song. I had been sitting there with my right arm straight up in the air the whole time! So I wouldn't look like a complete idiot, I went ahead and stretched my left arm, then laced my hands behind my back...all while the entire class is cycling to the first song. What a dork.

* I had to run by the school to make a few copies (well, I was actually hoping that someone would make the copies for me...), but I got sent up to the copy room to do it myself, which is fine, but when I got up there, I couldn't figure out the stupid copy machine. I'm almost positive that it does not take a degree in aerospace engineering or brain surgery to operate the above piece of equipment; however, I could only get the thing to make 1 copy at a time. And I needed 120. So I pushed RESET hoping that it would--I don't know--reset something and then work. And then I noticed at small sign taped to the machine: PLEASE DO NOT RESET. Uh-oh. Just then, another teacher (who happened to call me "so pretty" last week, which thrilled me) walked in, and I was all gross and sweaty from cycle and my hair was pulled straight back from my face (which I never, ever do because I look terrible with no bangs but I haven't washed it in 3 days so what's a girl to do) and I felt like I needed to apologize to her for not looking pretty. Wha???

* I have a pretty strict double-standard going on in my head when it comes to my husband and some of the things he likes to do, like playing the Wii with our kids. So, I gave him a bit of a hard time the other night when he mentioned he was going to play with them. Why it annoys me, I cannot say, and I wish I could blame it on something else other than the fact that I'm just annoying and a total curmudgeon (SOMETIMES, only sometimes...). I give myself complete and total permission when the tables are turned and the kids want to play the Wii with me, though, and would absolutely give a self-rightous flip of the hair if given a hard time about it.

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