Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beautiful Questions


What comes to mind when you hear that word?

I think of elegance, grace and charm. I think of other people who I think possess beauty.


I wonder why beauty is so elusive. Why is she within sight but so far out of reach?

And why does my desire for beauty outweigh my desire for a calm, peaceful existence?

What am I seeking from trying so hard to be beautiful? Is it a feeling I'm trying to capture, or is it a look I'm trying to achieve? Can beauty span the decades or is it something a person can only hold onto for a fleeting moment before she fades away?

What does beauty really mean to me? A pretty face? A beautiful physique? Charm, grace, elegance? Confidence? Or all of those things wrapped up in one, big beautiful package?

Is it possible to possess inner beauty and confidence without being traditionally beautiful on the outside? How does a person attain this goal?

Why does the girl who looks back at me never measure up to my standard of beauty? Where did that standard of beauty come from? Why have I never questioned that standard before?

Is it possible for me to change my expectations? Is it possible for me to accept myself for myself, and not who I want to look like?

Is it possible to find beauty in me despite myself?


  1. Who are some people who find to be beautiful and why? Are their beautiful qualities cosmetic?

  2. Sure, there are cosmetic qualities about people that do make them beautiful, but beauty emcompasses so much more than just the cosmetic!

  3. I agree, beauty is so much more. When we don't except ourselves, we miss out on the amazing things which God has for us. It drains our confidence and distracts us from God's greater purpose and plan. Life life to the fullest, without the lies of Satan dragging you down. :) i like the honesty of your blog. Be blessed! :)