Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do I Have To?

Is it because Justin Bieber is being streamed in every room in my house? (In my defense, my daughter turned on Pandora while she was cooking. I just didn't argue about what station she chose ;) )

Or because my mind is really on those picture frames I want to hang and the refrigerator I have got to clean out?

Any way you look at it, my mind has not been on writing. Correction: is not on writing. I'm sitting here staring at the screen, silently singing "Never say neveeeeerrrr", watching my kids be-bop around the kitchen. I haven't been concentrating on Scripture, I haven't been looking for ways that He's working in my life, and I certainly haven't been talking to Him like I could be.

Huh. Like I could be. It just occurred to me, right as I wrote that, that talking to God by praying isn't a chore, and shouldn't be just another line to cross off on my daily to-do list. I don't think about it often, but the fact that my country allows me the freedom to worship my God, and choose the way I worship Him, is really special. And the fact that I can talk to Him when and where I want to is such a privilege. Why do I rarely see it as one?

He abandoned baking in favor of the puzzle
Usually I do my quiet time more out of obligation than anything else, usually because I am aware of the benefit of spending time with Him. The problem is that I'm also aware of how much other stuff needs to be done, and I have a hard time putting God ahead of my schedule. But if I were to see every moment of my quiet time (maybe even see every moment outside my quiet time, too) as the greatest opportunity I have instead of something I have to do...

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