Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Minute Friday: My Inner Voice

I'm linking up with Lisa Jo over at for her weekly 5 minute Friday. I love the concept of this, as it gives you a chance to write without overthinking. Today's writing prompt is VOICE. Join me!

I make an effort to be sure my voice is calm when someone else messes up. My inner voice screams at me when I make a mistake.

I try to carefully choose kind words when I talk to others. My inner voice doesn't keep her mouth shut.

My voice is even painstakingly politically correct. My inner voice doesn't even try to speak PC.

If my thoughts matched my deliberate actions...if I tried to make the effort toward being more positive...if I made the effort to tame my inner voice...

My life would probably more positive without me really even having to try!


  1. I agree about the positiveness. But how do you quell the inner voice? I'm really good at thinking before I speak but what translates into my spoken word, like you, is far different. Sometimes it's telling me really good and important things. Other times it's being catty. I really enjoyed this and how you compared your inner and outer voices.

  2. I so enjoyed the raw honesty you wrote with here. I felt a strong challenge here (in a great way!) to try to tame the inner voice and make it match up with the outer voice more often. Thank you!! Stopping by from Five Minute Friday.

  3. I love the way you are blessing others by voicing that which is true. With recognition comes change. I have been in your shoes and can tell you that the day comes when that beautiful voice you purposely speak to others is the only voice that will be heard. Celebrating this glorious voice within you!

  4. Great post - honestly I am feeling this on a daily basis right now! Thanks for sharing!