Monday, October 15, 2012

Lasting Impression

It all started because I wanted the TV in my keeping room moved to the basement.

I thought about the TV I was getting rid of, thought about how when we got it, it was the newest thing out. Now it's just an old castoff, its years showing in the age of plasma and flat screen. I thought about how I wished I could move it on my own, which I can't because its a behemoth and weighs about 800 pounds. Which reminded me of the guy at Best Buy who loaded that thing in our car all by himself (I still don't know how he did that!). Which made me wonder if he still worked there (probably not), which made me think about all the people I've come into contact with over the last few decades. Those one-time, 5 minutes interactions where you use your best manners, or maybe you don't because you know that you'll never see that person ever again in your whole entire life. Which made me wonder this: what kind of impression do I leave with other people?

Maybe some don't think about it, and maybe some don't care, but have you ever thought about it before? One of the instructors at the gym I go to used to say (as an encouragement to work harder) that our rear ends were the last impression we made when we left a room. I laugh, and honestly it does make me work a little harder, but is that the only lasting impression I leave? Or could a positive attitude, a genuine smile or a kind word make an impression that will last longer than a picture of my tush sashaying out of a room?

I fear that in the past, I've not worked too hard on making a lasting impression on others. I've been so involved in me, in my issues and my schedule that I didn't worry too much about what others really thought. Of course, I want to make a good impression, so I always wear make-up, do my hair, and use my manners. But I think that I have an opportunity to share a little more than my latest make-up technique; I have the opportunity to let Christ shine. To do that means I need to worry a little less about me, and allow Him to work in all those hurt and dark places that need His love so I can shine, but when I allow Him to, boy will He ever make an impression on other people. A lasting impression that they won't soon forget.

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