Monday, November 12, 2012

Love Language

The conversation started as a comparison between the two couples: my sister and her husband compared to me and my husband. We were discussing the infamous "love languages" developed by Gary Chapman, and we were talking about which ones fit us the best. We had to laugh, because when both people in the relationship have the same love language, expectations can begin to be...a little off. I jokingly admitted that I have excellent intentions of figuring out my husband's love language, but very often life has a way of butting in and ruining all of my most praiseworthy of intentions. So, I asked my sister and her husband, do thoughts count?

My sister's husband countered with this: are these intentions ever actually communicated? Do you ever actually act out what you think? Because, obviously, if those things never get said, then it's as good as never thinking them at all.

Our wedding day

I know this. But...ironically, I do expect my husband to read my mind. I do think that he should know how much I love him without me ever saying a word. But does he, really?

Our 10th Anniversary

Probably not. I mean, I hope that he knows how much I love him, but every good intention I have is simply a good intention unless I take the time and the effort to express what I'm thinking.

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