Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Again

I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker over at Lisa-Jo Baker: tales from a gypsy mama for Five Minute Friday! The rules are simple: no editing, backtracking or overthinking. And the biggest rule: no worrying about getting it right!

Today's prompt is:


Here we go again.

Another start to another busy weekend. The weeks are busy, weekends busier as we run from one sporting event to the next. The same ole, same ole. Again. I don't have much appreciation for all the "agains" in my life: another project due? AGAIN? You missed the same problem on your test AGAIN? I have to have my car worked on AGAIN? I have to go the grocery store AGAIN?

But then I'm reminded of the beauty of again as God is willing to forgive me again, and again, and again. He will never sigh, roll His eyes, and not offer me an "again". A fresh start. A new beginning.



  1. Visiting from FMF. My daughter's name is Heather, too. It is a blessing that His mercies are new every morning. otherwise.... May you have strength and grace to do what you have to do this weekend again!

  2. A great shift in thankful for grace!
    PS love the new blog look. :)