Monday, January 14, 2013

Home decor and design is an interest of mine (actually, it's probably one of my favorite things to talk about/think about/do). As I do (low budget, somewhat creative, DIY) things around the house, I'll be posting about them here so I can share with you!

My husband's sweet Aunt Sally gave me a box of paperwhite bulbs for Christmas so I could add little splash of fresh to wake up my house from it's post-Christmas/winter bleakness. I knew I didn't want to use the green plastic container that came with the bulbs, so I looked in my glass collection (I save random/unique glass containers that come with fresh flowers or the ones that food comes in), and found the perfect containers for force growing the bulbs.

The Starter.
I knew I wanted to keep them in the kitchen where I could see them daily, and I also knew I wanted to use a white ceramic tray that I keep on my bar. I change out what is on the tray seasonally, but make sure everything on it has the same basic colors of white or cream.

Ooops, how did homework papers make it in the picture?

Dang, again with the homework papers.
So my webcam photography skills are a bit lacking...
At least you don't see the one with A popping up in the

Once I had the containers I wanted to use, I went to AC Moore and found some white rocks. I filled the containers with the rocks, added water and my paperwhite bulbs (just add water to the very bottom of the bulb), add some accessories and voila! A cheery (and super-easy) centerpiece perfect for casting out the winter doldrums!

My NEXT project (if I can summon up some creativity) will be fixing this eyesore of a wall. One of the pictures fell off the wall in the middle of the night, complete with dramatic crash and glass shattering (which is sure to give anyone in the house a heart attack), so I removed some other pictures to use in a different spot, and I haven't taken the rest down, so........


More later on this one!

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