Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I have in the past compared my, um, preoccupation with beauty and being thin with the false gods of the Old Testament. The Hebrew people laid down their lives, making sacrifices and offerings to these gods of wood and gold that could do nothing but sit there. I've sometimes wondered why these people couldn't see then what I can see now: they were being duped into thinking that a statue could actually do something. But I suppose the same could be said for me. I've been bamboozled, I've been hoodwinked, I've been mislead. No matter how you put it, I've been deceived into thinking that my false god called "beauty" could actually do something for me.And by "do something", I mean "make me happy, fulfill me, make all my dreams come true".

In church on Sunday, my pastor said something that sent my radar flying straight up:
False gods have no voice.

You only have to consider that statement for a moment or two before the truth sets in: false gods really don't have a voice. There is only one God who can claim a voice. And it's up to me to listen to Him.

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