Saturday, January 26, 2013

If You Give a Mom a Snow Day

I had to laugh at myself on Friday.  Since the kids were out of school, I decided to make the most of my day and get some things done. The following is exactly how my snow day went. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I rushed by, wild-eyed, on a mission, hair askew, no make-up...

If you give a mom a snow day, she will rejoice and thoughts of games, hot chocolate and movies will dance through her head.

As soon as she gets up, she will intend on making her sweet children a hot breakfast-until she notices that they are spaced out in front of the television watching Good Luck Charlie. So she will make her own sad breakfast from whatever she can find in the refrigerator and contemplate all the things she will try to accomplish (you know, as long as the kids are watching TV). Clean the living room! Yes! A quick chore that sorely needs to be done. Then bring on the games, hot chocolate, movies, and mommy time.

As she finishes her little breakfast, she will notice that the dishes need to be done. She will want to start the living room as soon as the dishes are done. As she putting away the clean dishes, she will notice that the dish towel needs to be cleaned. Leaving the dishwasher open, she will take the dish towel into the laundry room, and then remember that her load of laundry that is in the dryer from the previous night still needs to be folded. As she takes the laundry out and takes it to the living room to be folded, she will pass through the mud room, in which is sitting a broken toy that needs to be sent back to the manufacturer. She will package up the toy and set it by the door with the recycle that needs to go out.

She will take the laundry into the living room and will be reminded of her main chore for the day--the living room! Her first task is to empty the magazine rack that is overflowing with a years worth of Better Homes and Gardens that she intended to keep for some good ideas. She decides to recycle them, but the indoor container is full, so she has to take it out to the garage. She then decides to take care of the recycling and empty all the containers, and stacks them neatly in the garage. She will walk back into the mud room, and take the broken toy out to the car to be mailed. 

Now, where was she? Oh, yes, the living room. She will study the room, making mental notes of paint color (needs to be at least touched up, but if you're going to the trouble of touching up, you may as well paint the whole thing--a new color, of course) and picture and furniture arrangement (not happy with those, either). She moves two stools to the basement, and is momentarily caught up watching a stuffed animal circus and fixing a stopped up toilet. She takes the plunger back upstairs to put it away in the laundry room, and realizes her laundry cycle is complete, so she starts a new one.

Now...the living room. As she moves through the living room, she will notice the windows are dirty and will go into the kitchen to grab some paper towels and Windex, and what is waiting for her there? Oh, yes, that open dishwasher...

If you give a mom a snow day, at the end of it, she will look around at the laundry basket still sitting in the mud room, that second load that has yet to be finished, the living room that is clean but not yet put back together, the kitchen that is still waiting for it's dishes to be returned to their rightful spots, the circus animals in the basement, and the recycling sitting in the garage and she will wonder...

What did I do today?

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