Thursday, February 14, 2013

The night was young, but she remained anxious, waiting for the signal. When it came, she carefully and quietly snuck out of her parents home and into the waiting arms of her one true love. In the still of the night, they secretly met with the priest Valentinus so he, risking--and ultimately sacrificing--his life by going directly against the decree of Roman Emperor Claudius II, could marry them. They said their simple vows, she declaring her eternal love for him, he vowing to forever protect and care for her. They knew their situation was dangerous; the Emperor had declared that young men were better warriors when they remained single, and had decreed marriage to be illegal. Yet they couldn't bear to be apart, their love stronger than their fear.

Valentinus married many such couples in secret during the Emperors reign in third century Rome until he was executed on February 14 for acting on his belief that love conquers all...

Or so the legend goes.

Romance. Bravery. Passion. Intrigue. 

All the good elements of an excellent love story.

Happy Valentines Day

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