Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You know the kind of day that isn't bad, but you feel kind of blue anyway?

I can't explain this phenomenon, but I suspect it may have something to do with my hormone level. If you do not want to hear a girl complain about PMS, hormone levels, or sugar cravings, stop reading now and come back tomorrow.

If you can sympathize, then read on, my friend.

First of all, here's the simple, honest truth: I feel big. All my clothes are tight, I feel sluggish, my chest hurts, and I'm craving nothing but carbs and sugar. Oh, and my face is etched with permanent dark circles and an upside down smile (A.K.A. a frown to beat all frowns). Who wants to do anything when they feel like this but sit on the couch and eat large, family-sized bags of potato chips? Which is precisely what I did two nights ago (except that it was a bag of tortilla chips and not potato chips, but really, after so many, there is no difference), my mind screaming at me to stop because I have not eaten that many chips in like 10 years. Or at least not that many in one sitting. Man, they were good. I suppose all that salt did nothing but cause me to feel like my clothes are tighter than normal. I hate that feeling. Ugh. Afterwards, I turned sideways in the mirror and let my stomach just hang all the way out, and jiggled the fat layer on top. A real feel-good moment. And to top it all off, I am craving sugar like a frenzied lunatic, but gave up sugar when I decided to give up wheat and try the whole Paleo fad (which, by the way, I am feeling very disgruntled over, but that's a whole other post right there). So the only sugar I can eat is honey, but I decided to give that up for Lent (I know, it's lame), so here I sit. An upside-down smile (A.K.A a scowl), dark circles and a bad attitude.


*My daughter decided for good that she isn't playing softball this year, which you know has me all in a tizzy. For the life of me, I cannot seem to let this go, and we'd all be so much better off if I did.

*I decided to go to Body Pump, and figured out very quickly that I'm either coming down with something and my body is tired, or I am out-of-shape. I'm going with tired.

*I finally had to take the recycle out because it was overflowing my indoor bins, and when I opened the door, the foulest smell assaulted my nose. Why would recycle have such an odor? It's recycle. Empty cans and plastics. I threw up a little in my throat.

*I went upstairs to clean the bathroom, and the toilet was stopped up. Again. For like the 3rd time in two weeks. What the heck??? Talk about foul. G-R-O-S-S.

*The wind is blowing incessantly.

*I forgot to wash my face this morning, which I never let myself forget, because if I do(especially this time of month), I will immediately and without warning have a bazillion breakouts.

Last week, I pointed out to my fellow bible study members something we read in our book: that God has given each of us this beautiful day and He will not let it go to waste.

Even this day, which I have thus far shown absolutely zero appreciation for?

It may be time to give up on complaining about what I wish was different (although clogged-up toilets are worthy of complaint in my book), and take a look beyond my own four walls. When I look outside, I see the sun shining brightly and the mountains standing against the backdrop of a clear, blue sky. A smile-worthy picture of beauty.


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