Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Home

It's FMF again! Today I'm linking up with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday, where you write for five minutes with no editing, backtracking or overthinking. Happy Friday!


Sometimes I wish I could go home, if only for a few minutes. My heart aches for it. I long for the familiarity of someplace that I can call home, that doesn't depend on me to provide the comfort, the love, or the quiet peace that I associate with home.

When my mother died, my concept of "home" was completely shattered. My home was torn and tattered, and the three of us left behind didn't know how to go about rebuilding what remained of our lives.

Slowly, my lens has widened, and I have accepted that "home" for me is what I make it. It can be built on what I wish I had, the tattered and torn remains of yesterday, or I can take what I have right now, today, and build a new reality for myself and my family: Home.

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  1. I know that feeling of longing for home, for a quiet place of refuge. But I love the way you have paired your words with pictures here, because I think it shows how home for you is about people and relationships. That's beautiful.

    Stopping by from FMF. :)