Friday, March 22, 2013

FMF: Remember

It's Five Minute Friday!! I'm linking up with Lisa Jo this week to write for 5 minutes with no backtracking, editing or overthinking.

She's 88. Her memory is failing and her eyesight is growing dim. She's lived through things I can never imagine--life in an orphanage, The Great Depression, WWII. She's lived through decades of radical change and shifts that I will only ever read about. The stories she can tell...but she's lost the most important person in the world to her heart. Her husband, her soul mate.

"He's gone to be with the Good Lord," she says, but I know her heart aches. Every conversation includes a memory, a snapshot into the past, into a life I never knew.

She no longer cares how many calories she consumed, how perfect her house looks, or what brand of clothing she wears. Her most precious possessions are her memories. I look at her with a wariness, a disbelief that shows on my face when she starts bringing the past into the present, a way of reliving and remembering those days bygone.

Then I remember: she is my heritage, a living legacy.

My grandma.

Photo: My grandma <3


  1. Oh, so beautiful! I love your sentence about her not caring about her body or counting calories -- such beauty in that. Loved this. (visiting from Lisa-Jo)

  2. Such a sweet post. I never knew either of my Grandmas and would have loved to. I can tell you appreciate her and love her so much. Cherish every moment. God bless!