Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I want a dog. Like really bad.

Ok, how is this not one of the cutest things you've ever seen?

My husband is not an animal person, especially when it comes to dogs.

It's perfectly fine to be or not be a dog person, but when you're married to someone who doesn't want a dog and you really do, you could get frustrated at times.

Over the past 14 years, I have tried crying, begging and pleading (much to his aggravation). I have tried manipulation (getting angry and sulky), trickery (I once just went to the SPCA and got a kitten, and boy was he surprised when he got home from work that day. By the way, this method is not recommended.), bribery, nagging, and reverse psychology on my poor husband, but he remains firm in his decision: no dogs.


A few weeks ago my daughter got the idea in her head that she had to go to Build-A-Bear with her friend so they could, well, build a bear together. She always seemed to ask at the worst possible time (actually, there never is a good time for me to go to Build-A-Bear), so the answer was always a firm "No". Not to mention that I think Build-A-Bear is a royal waste of her money. So for weeks she has been crying, begging, and pleading to please, please, please take her and her friend to Build-A-Bear. She has tried manipulation (getting angry and sulky), bribery (Mom, you can go to a store you like, too) and nagging, and I'm sure if she could have thought of a way to trick me into going she would have. I was so frustrated and worn out by her incessant bellyaching over Build-A-Bear that I finally gave in and we went yesterday. But it wasn't out of the goodness of my heart. It was out of frustration. I was annoyed that I had agreed to go, I was annoyed that we were out as long as we were, and I was annoyed at myself for giving in.

She better be cute for all the trouble AB went to.


It occurred to me this morning as I was cleaning the bathroom that the last thing I want my husband to be is annoyed with me. I thought back to the post I wrote last year on an article I had read by author Lee Strobel, who asks this question:

How would I like to be married to me?

I'd love to say that everyday being married to me is a picnic in the park, but I think I'd be overestimating my lovable qualities :)

Honestly, if I were married to me and I exhibited the above behaviors over a dog, I'd be seriously frustrated with me. Maybe my husband has gotten used to me, maybe he overlooks my more {ahem} unpleasant qualities, maybe he's frustrated and just doesn't let it show. But no matter how he looks at the situation, one thing is clear: I owe it to my husband to respect his choice not to love dogs as much as I do, and our choice together not to bring one into our home. I say our choice because it is our choice together; otherwise, I would have already gone out and gotten one. But who wants to be married to a person who so unabashedly disrespects the choices you have made?

Not me.

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