Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Good news!

I have just a few minutes in between dropping kids and picking them back up to let you know that I finally got the lash enhancer I was talking about in my post on Thursday--yay! And while I know this won't be so very interesting to some of you, others of you will be thrilled to hear that I am testing it out and showing the results here (or at least I would be thrilled if someone else did this, because I'd want to know if it really worked...). I took some pictures of my eyelashes (these are probably the most unflattering pictures I've ever posted! And that's saying a lot) before I started the enhancer:

As you can see, I have short and not so thick eyelashes.



I'm super excited to see what kind of results I get with this enhancer! I'm hoping to get fuller, longer lashes (but I know that this isn't a miracle product). :)

As excited as I am to try something new, it's probably important to remind myself that the first source of beauty comes from the inside, so no amount of lash enhancer will all of the sudden make me beautiful. While I feel certain it's ok to enhance what I've been given, it's important to work on the inside as much as I do the outside--if not more.

OK, so now you have Day One pictures of what my lashes looked like before I started this enhancer. I'll keep you updated on the progress at weeks four and eight, and with any luck, I'll have longer lashes to bat!

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