Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Midweek Confessions


I believe that everyone has their own little quirks about them that make up their very own beautiful personality, but sometimes, I think my own idiosyncrasies are a bit much (even for me).

*I do not like it when I see a car that looks just like mine. The color that I chose for my car actually seems to be a popular choice, so I see it a lot, and I have to admit, I am a bit offended when I see someone driving the same car as I do. The nerve! I especially do not like it when the twin car is beside me, in front of me or behind me in traffic, and I will go out of my way in order to get away from the offending car. I do not really know why I have this odd dislike for twinsie cars, nor do I understand why I am deeply and personally offended when someone drives by in "my" car...

*This morning during one of my aerobics classes, the song Do Ya Think I'm Sexy by Rod Stewart came on, and I announced that no, I do not think Rod Stewart is sexy. Yes, I had my microphone on. Then I proceeded to tell who I did think was sexy (of course I said my husband!). Not your usual church aerobics conversation, but the ladies were in such a fit of giggles that I thought one or two might fall out of their plank. And really, when it comes down to Rod Steward and this guy, is there any real comparison?

*My son was complaining that his tummy hurt today, but he often has this complaint, and he is usually fine. So I sent him off to school without a second thought. When the school called during my class, I ignored the call (I was teaching, after all), figuring they were calling to tell me that his stomach was hurting. When they called again (I was done with my class by this point), they said that he had thrown up at school and needed to be picked up. Obviously, I misjudged. Oops.

*Yesterday, I bought a pair of super-cute pants that have a print on them. Usually, I don't buy printed bottoms because they tend to make your derriere look wider somehow (when the derriere actually fits into the pants). They were a size larger than what I would normally wear (I triple-checked), but I'm fairly certain these particular pants would be considered irregular (does anyone remember when that's all TJMaxx carried?) because when I tried them on, I couldn't even sit down. If I were going to a function where all I had to do was stand and not move, I would be golden. Unfortunately, most of life requires one to move.

They're cute, right?! Too bad.

Note to Self: Do not buy slim fit pants because your caboose does not and will not ever fit into them. Like, ever.

And I'm okay with that. I'm just bummed I have to return the pants.

**I'm linking up with E over at E, Myself and I for Midweek Confessions!

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