Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Midweek Confessions

I'm linking up with E over at E, Myself and I for Midweek Confessions!!

First of all, I must start this confession off with the truth: sometimes it's a lot easier to come up with all the ways I've fallen short over the past week than to come up with a smart, clever post on, well, anything else. Plus, I think Elizabeth is hysterical, and reading other people's posts on where they fall short makes me feel a little better...and anyways, I've been severely lacking in the consistency area when it comes to writing blog posts, anyway, because I seem to have forgotten how to manage my time.

And speaking of time management. I have a hard time with the whole concept anyway (just ask my father-in-law, who has patiently waited on me--and our time-oblivious family--to show up at a determined time on several-okay, many--different occasions). It's not that I don't care; it's that I don't pay attention to how long a task takes, therefore putting me at risk for running late more often than I'd like. But anyways, having my kids home for the summer, while fun and carefree, is a bit overwhelming for me, especially as they get older. It seems like I cannot get the things done that I want and need to do, but at the end of the day, I could not even begin to tell you why or what I've done with my day that prevented me from cleaning or whatever. Time is like this elusive shadow that slips away unnoticed--until you need it. Then it's G-O-N-E gone.

In other Confessions...

I truly do wish I had my very own lane to drive in. Like all the time.

Sometimes I eat my kids gummy vitamins rather than swallowing a vitamin in pill form because the gummies taste A LOT better. Sometimes I take both {gasp}.

The other day I was having a discussion about cuss words (and BTW, if you think your kids don't know them, think again. I knew my 10YO would know words like damn and bitch, but when the F word came out of her mouth--she was just telling me all the words she knew--my own mouth fell open, but I could not actually form any intelligible words) and why they couldn't listen to certain songs on YouTube. My son was arguing with me, asking which words this particular song said because he didn't hear any words that were inappropriate (of course not), so I just told them, outright, what words they said. "See why you can't listen to this song???" I asked, trying to prove my point. "Well, mom," my son said, "I only knew two cuss words, and you just taught me a third." {deeeeeeeeep sigh}

And lastly was this: it's not really a confession of my own as much as it is something that someone told me (this woman should have her own confession!) but I had to share because I thought it a bit...odd...I was working in the concession stand during one of my son's baseball games, and a woman came up to buy a hotdog--and also to let us know that China controls the weather (everyone knows this, according to her) and have been doing it for years so their crops will grow, which messes up our weather and makes it nasty here. (Wondering why we don't control our own weather so we don't have those big tornados...)

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