Wednesday, August 28, 2013

High Hopes

It is 4:00 in the afternoon and I'm trying to study for a test I have that I'd like to take sooner rather than later, and it is literally all I can do to keep my eyes open. It might be pathetic, depends on who you ask. I started out this day with high hopes of getting things done--which I did, sort of. I got two bathrooms cleaned, some holes in the wall spackled, a test swatch of paint going in the basement, two loads of laundry (washed, not put away--that's asking a lot) and my kitchen floor is clean and sparkling. As I sat down to study (which I keep forgetting to do during the day--how convenient), I remembered that those two loads of laundry need to be folded (my kids wear wrinkled clothes--what about it?), I need to work on my PTA spreadsheet, and I haven't remembered any of the information I've read in my book thus far.

I've heard a little too much about a rash of violence and break-ins in my community, the kidnappings and shootings that have made national news, the fact that Smithfield ham wants to make a deal with a Chinese food company, and the unrest in the Middle East that seems like will never end.

My kids arrived home in semi-good moods, but right after homework, they disappeared to their respective rooms and I suspect they have been playing on some sort of electronic device ever since, and I don't even know exactly how long that's been (see above--falling asleep!). I know they need monitoring. This is the exact moment I also realize they need more exercise. And more vegetables and less junk, and all of the sudden the day that seemed so promising just hours ago has turned a bit sour.

So I'm off to finish some chores and maybe even start some new ones (because that's the best feeling, when you have eighty things half-finished, and fifty half-started). 

And then I'll let it all go for the night. 

I'll spend time with my family, because we deserve time together. We'll play a board game and rehash everyone's day, all the way down to the fact that there is laundry (still) dumped on the living room floor. We'll laugh about it, and as I close my eyes tonight, I will thank my lucky stars that the sun will rise again and I'll have a fresh start tomorrow, and I will repeat to myself the Psalm that keeps me going:

In peace I will lie down and sleep
For you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.
{Psalm 4:8}

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