Monday, October 14, 2013


I might be allergic to church.

When I was younger, I was allergic to wheat and dairy products (try making a creative lunch a first grader will like with those restrictions), plus hay, mold, mildew and grass. And cats. And probably church, too.

When I walked into the sanctuary yesterday, my nose immediately started itching, and then I started sneezing. Then I coughed. And I thought to myself I, in fact, may have an allergy to this place. It doesn't help that it is the time of year where it is still nearly pitch black at 7 AM, and my internal sleep dial tells me that no, it is NOT time to get up. It is time to go back to sleep. I like sleep. Sleep=bliss. I do not like having to drag my rear out of bed on a rainy Sunday morning when it is still dark outside and then wake up two grumpy kids so I can go to church and then find out upon walking in that I'm allergic to it.

Is this not the cutest church ever? I wish it was actually my picture. It's just from google images.

(Disclaimer: I am not allergic to church. I made that up because sometimes I don't want to go. I am, however, still sensitive to dairy products, and grass still gives me hives if I roll around in it, which at this point in my life I am not wont to do.)

While sitting in church yesterday, I contemplated why, if I don't want to go, do I sit through the service? Why not just skip? Because my church is large enough that I could skip a lot and no one would notice right away.

So I debate the pros and cons of going to Sunday morning service:

-I like my pastor
-I have friends there
-I've learned a lot about the Bible and having a relationship with God
-My relationship with God has grown
-I've developed relationships with other people that are precious to me
-We have the most beautiful view of the mountains from our sanctuary
-It's a way for my kids to hear about God
-Communion. Every Sunday.
-It's a time for me to recharge
-It's a good example for my kids to follow
-I've learned a lot. Not specific to anything. Just a lot.
-I've started a devotional time every morning--very important

-I don't love praise and worship music, nor do I enjoy using my singing voice in public
-Sometimes I look around at what other people are doing/wearing instead of paying attention. (I do not look around during prayer time though. I'm sorry, that's a total lie. I have. I'm a work in progress. Focus is something I'm working on.)
-I'm tired. But that's a given on any day of the week, really.

It seems the Pros list is much longer than the Cons. Plus, the Cons list, upon further inspection, happens to be very self-centric. As in, I'm thinking about my One and Only, my One True Love, my Amore--me. Not God. Me.

This is not good.

It so happens that, believe it or not, I am trying to think of me a little less and of God a little more. Something tells me that staying in bed, all cozy under the covers, only emphasizes the me part of the equation and not so much the God part.

So while I may think I'm allergic to church (see: disclaimer above), it's actually a really important part of my week. So important that it's worth getting my behind (and the grumpies) out of bed, showered (okay, another lie. I don't always shower. That's why they made body spray, folks) and ready. To hear His Word. Fresh and new.

Every Sunday.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name,
there am I in the midst of them.
{matthew 18:20}

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