Friday, October 11, 2013

FMF: Ordinary

I'm linking up with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday :)


She sees her reflection in the computer monitor while she watches the music video play on YouTube. She's ordinary, it's plain to see. Make-up rubbed off from a long day, disheveled hair playing at perfect but not getting the part, workout clothes not changed from the morning workout because she's been too busy--and hasn't had any reason--to change them.

The video is what she longs to be, but only in her most private, most aching-heart moments does she allow herself to think of what she wishes she could be. Her life is ordinary. Her husband goes to work. Her children go to school. Her days revolve around laundry and dirty dishes, soccer practice and swim lessons.  Nothing special, no one even takes a second glance at the girl who wishes she could be something more than she is.

But God knows the ache in her heart. And He longs to fix it, to bring His healing to her heart, to tell her that before she was even born He knew her in secret, He knit together her very soul. She is who He made her to be. How long will it take for her to look away from the video and fix her eyes on Him?

The world whispers that ordinary is something to be ashamed of. To cover up. To push out of the way. To camouflage with bright colors and a fake personality and a faker smile.

She needs to turn her eyes away from the screen, tune out the song playing. He's whispering, too. He's asking to fill her thirsty heart with His love. He's offering His strength, His love, His peace, His security to fill all those empty places she keeps trying to fill with clutter.

So He can fill her ordinary heart with His extraordinary love.


  1. Wow! Beautiful post. It's so visual and personal. So glad you linked up to 5 Minute Friday!