Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Open Toilet Season

As I was cleaning the bathroom early this morning, the seriously bright part of my brain wasn't quite wide-awake yet, and although cleaning the bathroom takes little to no actual skill, it still requires the cleaner to be awake enough to realize that when she doesn't tie back her hair, there is a chance when she leans over she will dip the end of it into some sort of cleaning solution/water/soap.

Or the toilet.

Which is what I did this morning.

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And not only did I dip the ends of my hair into the toilet, but I didn't realize it at first and flung toilet water all over the floor and my clothes.

Good thing I hadn't gotten to the floor yet, right?

Unfortunately for me, I had a gym class important appointment at 9:30 that couldn't be missed, which meant that I'd be sporting the new toilet wash for at least the morning. Maybe when the water dries, the germs dry up, too.

I'm not a germ-o-phob, so things like this don't bother me so much, and besides, the water already had cleaner in it, so technically, no potty germs could be in my hair. Or at least that's what I'm going with, as I never actually washed my hair. It'll just have to wait until tomorrow morning.

That's a wholelotta icing
On a much brighter note, my daughter and I are taking a cake decorating class together. Our second class is tonight, and she is super-duper excited, although whether she's excited about the actual class or the fruits of our labor is hard to tell. The only protest I have so far is that I didn't realize when we signed up exactly how much work would be required on my part in order to participate. As in, last week we had to bring a bunch of stuff but didn't actually have to make anything. This week, however, we had to bake two cakes and make four batches of icing, all of which will be coming home with us (perfectly iced, that is) this evening. Which means that last night I was in the kitchen for hours baking (and eating waaaaay to much cake batter with raw eggs for my health). Wilton is really good at the soft-sell, too, so what was a $20 class has turned into a pantry full of cake-baking and cake-icing merchandise that may or may not ever be used again.

from Wilton beginner class to Cake Boss: when can I expect to be making this cake?
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Here's what I've learned today:
1. For goodness sake, rock a bun when cleaning the bathroom.
2. Cake batter is too tasty to care whether there are raw eggs in it or not.
3. Cake decorating class requires a little more time than I thought.
4. Time is one of the most important thing I can give to my kids. So I'll go tonight, and I'll enjoy!

Happy Wednesday!

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