Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Carving Supervisor is my new title

Well, I have a confession to make, and it might disappoint some of you.

I, Heather, do not enjoy pumpkin carving.

It's so sweet when I see pictures of other families gathered around the pumpkin, hot apple cider mugs steaming, newspaper spread, carving their intricate little designs in their perfectly round, perfectly symmetrical, perfectly orange pumpkins. They even have It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! playing while they carve and laugh and sip.


At my house, their is much debate on what the face will look like. There is no intricate design, no convoluted picture, no complex pattern to follow. We are of the 'simple is better' frame of mind, and besides, my kids are getting to the point where they want to carve their own pumpkins without getting frustrated that the tail on the cat arching it's back against a full moon isn't turning out right.


Yesterday we decided to go get our pumpkins, but we didn't have time to spend the entire day lolly-gagging around a pumpkin patch. So we went with the next best option: Kroger. Because on Wednesday of last week, Kroger had hundreds (that might be a small exaggeration) of pumpkins neatly stacked on bales of hay, ready for the picking. This is for the person who prefers to grab and go with no hassle (me). However, when we arrived late Sunday afternoon, there were 2 large and 7 small pumpkins left. Well. This makes choosing easier, doesn't it? And when the manager came out and said he'd sell us the large pumpkins for $3 instead of the normal $6, we said we'd come to the right spot. The cashier looked at us like we were trying to pull one over on her (because a family of four trying to buy the last two large pumpkins on a Sunday afternoon is obviously a shady bunch), but she rang them up anyway, looking at us with narrowed sidelong glances like she expected us to take off without paying at any minute.

Slime. It's not for me.

So we got them home. This is where my involvement in pumpkin carving ceases, and my husband, pumpkin gutter extraordinaire, takes over. He's pretty sentimental, that guy, so he enjoys all that kind of stuff. Making memories. It's sweet. I'm not very sentimental. I guess that makes me not sweet. Anyways, we got the pumpkins all set up and ready to carve. Newspaper spread, knife at the ready. He cut into one of the pumpkins and...well, it would seem that maybe we paid $3 too much for that guy. He was soft on the top and his odor wasn't beautiful. The plus is that his softness made him that much easier to carve. The minus is that he may not last til Halloween (but don't tell my son that, it's his pumpkin).


All of the members of the family minus me (I'm good at supervising) got their hands in the pumpkin guts, all gooey and icky and sticky and gross (precisely the reason this isn't something I love). They carved their pumpkins, both designs cute and very different.

We didn't have steaming hot apple cider. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! was not playing in the background. I didn't even get my hands dirty, and the last 30 minutes of the carving I was having a counseling session with a friend on the phone. It wasn't perfect, but then again, things like this rarely turn out that way.

So here's my advise. Have fun with it, even if you don't like getting your hands dirty. The thing is, it wasn't perfect, but it sure was fun. We spent time together, laughing, talking, carving, de-sliming, and basically enjoying each other.

And I'll do it all over again next year :)

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