Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Life Is Good

The peace of being on vacation has given way to the chaos of that thing called real life.

Sometimes assimilation back into the real world can be a real...well, you fill in the blank there.

But vacation. This past weekend we whisked our kids off to a family-only (that is, just the four of us) respite in the mountains of North Carolina. Not only were the views absolutely breath-taking, but the time together was precious. Of course, none of us are without fault, and each of us certainly had our moments, like when my daughter freaked out a little because we were walking on a horse trail (that had lots of horses on it). She loves horses. From afar. But she's scared of them when they are so close that it feels like they might step on her. (Growing up a horse person, I feel a personal responsibility to fix this part of her so she will love horses as much as I do.) Or like when both my kids decided they, under no circumstances, were not going on a hike with my husband and me. And we had decided that we were absolutely going on said hike. And none of us were, under any circumstances, willing to negotiate. It was do or die. (The adults won, by the way.) But just because the kids had to go doesn't mean they had to be happy about it, so we had to have some discussion involving the words compromise and you can't always get what you want and being selfish and we're going on this hike and we will have fun.

Which we did. Go figure.

The cabin was super-cute, and decorated very tastefully, with one single exception:
When you are a cabin as cute as this one is, you don't need to overcompensate by adding a Crown Royale bottle as decor. It's not cute.
It also had wall heaters  that sounded like a freight train in every room, so the first night, I woke up every single time the heat came on. Which can certainly lead to a grumpy first day of vacation if a person isn't very, very careful.

We saw some gorgeous views, proving that God is a Master Artist:

We even visited an ancient arcade with the strangest game I've ever seen:

I have no words. Except odd.

We visited the charming Mast General Store:

Now that I'm back, assimilating to re-entry into The World, I've found that my body is present, but my mind is still running on North Carolina mountain time. Slow. Still. Quiet. Dreamy.

Life. Is. Good.

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