Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Enough's Enough

It'll have to be short today, because look who's hogging the computer, looking up images of Barbie. 

I think I know who might be on Santas naughty list this year. 

I have been hungry all day long. I don't know why. After snacking on pretzels, crackers, bread, and any other carb I could find, I decided it would be prudent to have something that would be nutritionally sound, so I made myself a salad. But, halfway through my salad, I found out that it wasn't my tummy that was telling me I needed to eat. It was my brain telling me I needed to eat more food, regardless of what my actual stomach thought. And all this after I found out I gained a pound by eating air, drinking water and exercising 8 hours a day. There has got to be an easier way. 

In other news, my son came home from school with this announcement: "I'm going to stop talking, but if you give me $20, I'll speak."


I think you might have it backwards, kiddo.

My daughter, who knows all (and has known it all since she was born, she probably knew it all in the womb) has decided that studying isn't for her. When you already know all, well, I guess she has a point. Why waste your time studying? However, she has a quiz coming up tomorrow and a test soon, so I told her that if she got less than an A on either one, I was taking her iPod for the entire weekend. Period. It was supposed to motivate her, or scare her, one of the two. But apparently playing with the neighbor holds much more appeal, and she looked at me with a look that only a tween can give, and said "You mean that if I get a B on my test THAT YOU'RE TAKING MY IPOD??" Incredulous, she was. I am such a mean mother. "Yep," I replied. "I'll help you study." But, no, she turned on her heel with promises to "study later", whatever that means (because we all know that "study later" is code for "whatever, mom") and went downstairs. 

And now I'm alone. Alone with a child who refuses to study, another child who refuses to speak, and a brain that refuses to recognize when enough is actually ENOUGH. 

Better luck tomorrow. 

Happy Wednesday!

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