Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New, Healthy Habits Can Be Detrimental to Your Sleep

I've started measuring how much water I drink during the day. Because I'm always thirsty, like parched thirsty. I even wake up thirsty. So I figured I wasn't drinking enough water during the day.

So what's the problem? you say. What's wrong with making sure you drink enough water during the day? Isn't that a healthy habit? (I am all about healthy habits, actually.)

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The Nefarious H2O

The problem(s) is (are) as follows (there is always a problem because not even healthy habits get a free pass in life, which is totally unfair)--OK, I'm just going to narrow it down to one major, life-altering problem for you:


And that's really what it all boils down to. Lost sleep because I was up all night looking woefully out the window at all the other sleeping citizens whilst I sit. Again. I can handle having to pee every 5 minutes at home. It a pain, but it's minor. It becomes more of a problem when I have to ask every store employee in every store "Would you kindly point me in the direction of your restroom?" (some stores--I'M LOOKING AT YOU JACLYN'S HALLMARK--are stingy and won't let you use their restroom--even when you have a 2-year-old WHO IS POTTY TRAINING and is doing the pee-pee dance on their floor. OK, so this happened about six or seven years ago, and I may be harboring resentment and ill-will toward Hallmark for sending me packing down the road to the nearest Kroger-- dancing 2-year-old and 4-year-old in tow.)

I think this is, like, a problem. I've seen those ads for old people seniors patriarchs with bladder control problems (Get Continuous Overactive Bladder Relief with OTC Oxytrol® For Women!!--promises, promises). I've seen the overactive bladder supplements at Kroger (Depends aren't a joke, people). I myself have even had surgery on my bladder already. (This was due to having babies. And they still give me attitude.) And now, as I near my 37th year of existence on this planet, I may be the next consumer getting in line for Overactive Bladder Control products.

Hang on just a sec...I'll be right back...

In other news, the issue of me wanting a new tattoo has resurfaced in our household. Why is this an issue? you ask. Because. It's simple. My sweet, non-tattoo bearing husband does not care for his wife to tattoo herself.  (I actually suggested we get matching tattoos on our fingers so that when we hold hands, they become a heart. The look on his face was pretty funny;)). I, on the other hand, go from loving them to hating them (which in and of itself might be a reason to not go right out and get one, so I drew on myself with a Sharpie to see if I liked the look. PS: Sharpies bleed when you draw on your skin with them) and right now, I'm in love. So I want one. Here's what it should look like:

Heather Duncan Richardson's photo. And just as an aside, be careful when searching 'tattoos' while on Pinterest. You get some rather interesting results.

And here's what I drew.

Heather Duncan Richardson's photo.
See? It could hide right under a watch or bracelet!

It, unlike the purple rose on my back, has significant meaning for me. I AM FREE. Christ has freed my wrists from the chains of insecurity, self-doubt, depression, anxiety, and impatience, got me off all my antidepressants and medications, and it's been the biggest change in my life EVER. So I thought 'freedom' on my wrist where those chains used to be, with the top of the 'm' like a little bird flying away would be an excellent reminder everyday.


 So Christ has truly set us free...
{galatians 5:1}

But a blurry Sharpie rendering of said tattoo may have to suffice for now.

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