Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Growth Opportunity--(not that I want one, but it is what it is)

Is there anything more anxiety producing than raising kids?

That's a rhetorical question.

This world is full of danger at every turn, and while I want my children to learn how to live, I also want to reduce risk and harm. I want to step in and save them from their mistakes, and I want to force them to make responsible decisions and good choices.

I didn't say those were the right things to do. It's just my natural inclination. I want to protect my kids. And by protect, I mean keeping them under my wing. Forever.

So what does one do when other influences enter the picture? Friends, teachers, other parents, music, TV, movies, social media--you name it, and it is a possible influence. And it scares me. But instead of boldly facing my anxieties, I want to run and duck my head in the sand. 
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Maybe if I stay there long enough, the world will pass me by and I won't have to deal with anything.

Trying to wrap my brain around all the possible moves I could make on this giant chessboard of life makes my head swirl. This parenting article says these are the top 10 mistakes parents make, that article says these are the best 5 examples to show your kids, and John Rosemond continues to be completely uncompromising in his convictions.

{Incidentally, even as I write this blog post, my daughter and her friend are blasting a Marc Anthony/Pitbull song I have on my iPod for my fitness classes (no, I didn't say it was appropriate or otherwise) so loud that I cannot even think, or yell over the bedlam, so although I want to be part of the solution, at times I must admit that my lazy parenting puts me in the "problem" category.}

As I read my devotion from the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, I was reminded that although this life is sure to bring about anxiety, the problems aren't necessarily what I need to be focused on.

"Anything that tends to
make you anxious
is a 
{sarah young}

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