Thursday, January 16, 2014

Who's The Hottest?

Working on the world's slowest and dumbest laptop does actually have some advantages:
1. I have plenty of time to think while I wait.
2. No one ever asks to use it.
3. I don't feel compelled to spend any more time than I have to on it.
4. I never have to worry about it being stolen.

So, because I have been working on this very blog post for the past thirty minutes, and this laptop definitely has a vendetta against me and it erased the entire blog post, leaving me staring at a blank white screen (awesome), and I feel like throwing it out the window and smashing it, watching it die a slow and violent death, I'm going to try to remember the above four advantages I have over people with newer, brighter, smarter machines.

{As fate would have it, this will, in fact, be my third attempt at writing said post, as during the second go round, my computer shut down without warning so it could perform "updates". I will not repeat my one-sided conversation from that time.}

Moving on.

A few days ago, I found this picture online:

And for (more than) a few moments, I felt vindicated.

Finally. The world has figured out that not all of us fit into the model mold, although we wish we could. (OK, so maybe I speak only for myself here.) Now we have a new ideal to compare ourselves to. And maybe, just maybe, the world will start to recognize that we non-super-model-types look good. Maybe even better. So ha-ha, Victoria's Secret.

I felt so confident that I thought I might even leave a comment, along with the other couple of thousand people who felt the need to have their voices heard. Sometimes two or three times. Comments about body parts and weight as men and women took aim at both sets of women in the picture.

Women who were being evaluated and gawked at, examined and criticized and broadcast all over the Internet for all to see.

Skinny shaming. Fat shaming. How do they look? How do we compare?

Who's The Hottest?

And I realized (although it was only after my moment of vindication) that it is degrading to us as women to even post that picture. It is degrading to prompt a debate about who might be hot/pretty/appealing based solely on their weight. And yes, it is degrading to even decide we would take part in the comparison game. And it's damaging to us and future generations. We are all made unique. Original. Individual. We don't fit into a mold and we don't fit into the same jeans. Our worth isn't determined by a number on a scale or by how we might fit into an equation of attractiveness. Our beauty can't be evaluated by what other people think, or how we think we might fit in compared to others.

Confidence and beauty shines from the inside.

And trying to look at a picture to see where we might fit in, to try and determine if our husband/boyfriend/spouse/significant other agrees or disagrees, to compete and compare and analyze and examine--it gains us nothing but mental exhaustion.

And I am tired of being tired.

When they measure themselves by themselves
and compare themselves with themselves,
they are not wise.
{2 corinthians 10:12}

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