Monday, February 24, 2014


I'm one week into a new bible study at church called chase by Jennie Allen, and already she's presenting some pretty thought-provoking questions.

Like this: what are some of the things you are chasing besides God?

This is not a hard one for me to answer. Approval of others. Happiness. Direction. Proof of God. Beauty. Worth.

Last night I dropped my daughter off for one of her weekly activities. Normally I walk her in and make sure she is where she's supposed to be, but last night, I was happily chatting away with my sister, so I didn't get out of the car. I just dropped her and drove off, confident that she would figure it out.


Except that I had the time wrong in my head, and she was thirty minutes late for her class. Which wouldn't normally be a big deal, but the group had moved rooms so that they could do a different activity, and there was no sign on the door to direct people to the right room. Just a big, empty, dark room and one scared little girl.

So she did what any girl would do in such dire circumstances.

As soon as she saw that dark room, the child ran back out into the parking lot, spotted my car driving away, and chased it all the way to the long drive that leads up to the lot. In flats.

That's a big parking lot.

If I hadn't been on the phone, I may have seen her in my rear-view mirror, but I didn't. So all the while she was chasing my car as fast as her legs could carry her, I was just driving away. (Proud parenting moment, by the way.)

I didn't find any of this out until after I had returned to pick her up, and she told me how she had chased my car all the way through the entire parking lot, trying to catch me, and then had to figure out what to do when she saw that I wasn't stopping. And it really made me think about the question I mentioned before, about the things that we chase.

I run hard after things, just like my daughter. Things that I think are good for me, things that I think will make me happy, things that I think will make life better. Things that are within sight but just out of my reach. And the whole time I'm chasing after these things, I'm running from the one place I need to be.

It's time to stop running, and start chasing.

The heart of God.

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