Thursday, May 8, 2014

Just Random Life Stuff

Hey there.


Here are some things that are going on in my life lately. Not big, fantastic things (okay, one big, fantastic home decor thing--to me home decor is big and fantastic and everything in between), just things, in no particular order of importance.

Last night a mystery toothbrush appeared on my kitchen counter drying rack. We don't normally make a habit of brushing our teeth at the kitchen sink (I'm sorry-gross), but in my head, I assumed that maybe one of my kids had need of brushing their teeth here rather than the bathroom. Why, I don't know. I asked if anyone could lay claim to said mystery toothbrush. Husband-negative. Son-negative. Daughter-enthusiastic YES! Okay, then, but why are you brushing your teeth at the kitchen sink? Oh! she says. (Oh! I think.) That's not a tooth-brushing brush. That's a cleaning toothbrush! Okay. See. Not a big deal, except that we use already-been-used toothbrushes to clean the occasional small, nasty crevice, not virgin toothbrushes that have never met a mouthful of germs. She got a brand-new toothbrush to do her dirty work when there are several, mind you, several toothbrushes already available for cleaning. Unreal.

I know.  Let it go.

I have a muscle spasm happening in my upper arm/shoulder area, and it is like this tiny little invisible elfkin is pushing on my shoulder. I can see it move. It's so random.

I fixed a healthy tilapia dinner last night (I'm working toward a healthy no-processed-foods meal plan, but so far no one else is one board). Do you want to know who ate it? Me. Do you want to know who tried it? In-my-good-graces daughter. Do you want to know who refused it? The other two. Those guys. So I say, fine. If you don't want it you're on your own!! (thinking they'd just say okay and eat it) and instead, one of the others says "There is one thing I don't eat, and that's fish," and then they proceeded to make their own dinner. Fine. And guess what. It's salmon tonight.

I have taught six exercise classes this week and have three more to go--two today and one on Friday.  (Perhaps the reason for the muscle spasm? Of course, sometimes I get muscle spasms in the area right underneath my eye, and it's not like I'm exercising my eye, so maybe not.) If you know me, then you already know this because I've already told pretty much everybody I know because I'm so freakin' impressed with myself. This is the busiest I've been since I was working full-time, and I'm loving every minute of it! Okay. Enough about me.

My daughter and I got into an argument (of sorts) over the baby picture we would send in for the slideshow at her elementary graduation. I know, I thought it was stupid, too. (Not really, because I held my ground for a long time. So did she. And I still don't agree with her.) I sent in an adorable picture of her (in the heart PJs). But she didn't want that picture. She wanted this picture, and could not be swayed. Finally the voice of reason (the husband) stepped in. She wins. I lose.

So my son came down this morn in an outfit that does not match. The boy does not care. I do. This creates tension. It definitely should not matter to me, but i just bought him a bunch of fairly pricey Nike shorts and teeshirts, and they all match. But here's the thing about this kid. I cannot convince him that the teeshirts he was wearing (you know, the ones that are too short and the sleeves come no where near the elbows) were too small. He's arguing with me every time I tell him to go put on one of his new shirts. So I went through his drawer and took out all the old ones. Every single one. But I missed one, apparently, because down he comes this morn with an old tee (that doesn't match) and a pair of shorts. Did I tell you that it's going to be NINETY here today???

So I say, "Hey, your black dry-weave shirt will keep you cool today. Do you want to go change?"


"But, now see, you'll be outside a lot today and that shirt will get wet. The dry-weave will stay--what--dry!" (Boooooo-ya)



"You still have a few minutes to go change if you wanna stay cool today. Do you want to change your shirt?"

(I mean really, just go change the shirt and make me happy.)


He wins. I lose. Another one bites the dust.

Okay. So now for the most exciting news of my week. Drum roll please...


A barn door for my living room, and let me tell you, I need no words to express it's awesomeness!

Have a great week!

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