Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Story of My Life

What do they have to do with this post?
Absolutely nothing at all.

Hey! Do you have that One Direction song stuck in your head now?

I hope your Memorial Day was a nice break from the daily monotony of life.

What did you do?

So my kiddos were in school yesterday (yes, I know--it's not even right) due to missed school days way back when the even just the threat of snow would cause our schools to close down for the day. Too many of those, and a Memorial Day make-up day is what you get. But that's okay, because my husband and I got to spend THE ENTIRE DAY together, which is a rare occurrence. I didn't have to teach and he didn't have to work, and it worked out perfectly.

I didn't get anything done that I needed to, but it was so nice to have the whole day to do whatever we wanted. So I convinced him to take a walk with me, we went to Lowe's and to the nursery for some plants, and then we ate lunch together. It may not sound perfect, but what is perfect, really?

It's all in what you make it.

I'm reading a book by Andy Stanley called Your Move. It's all about making choices and what goes into the decisions we must make.

What do you want your story to tell?

Not 10, or 30, or 50 years from now, even though it's important to think about the future in those terms, but what do you want your story to say tomorrow?

My daughter really wanted to go to the field the other day to practice with her brother and his team. It's not very often that she wants to do these things, and I tried to encourage her, but I could tell she was holding back. I asked her why she was hesitant, and she answered that she knew the boys probably wouldn't want her to come to their practice. And she may have been right. Who knows what the boys would have thought had she shown up. But the point at the moment wasn't what they thought, it was that she was basing her decision on what someone else might think about it.

So I asked her the same question I learned the prior week from Andy Stanley: What do you want your story to say? That you wouldn't go to the field because you were scared of what other people might think or say? Or that you were brave and went anyway, fully prepared for the possibility that you wouldn't be able to do what you planned--but that you went anyway?

It's not often that I've thought through my decisions with that light shining on them. Many of the choices I've made have been made under what I perceived as the scrutiny of other people. I was more afraid of what they might say or do than of what was the right path for me, and because of that, I've felt very unsteady, like grass waving in the wind. Even realizing that God does have a plan for me couldn't keep me from making decisions based on what other people thought.

But every time I repeat that phrase to one of my children, I'm repeating it to myself as well. What kind of story do I want to tell?  One that I wrote, or one written by someone else (or a bunch of someone elses) who doesn't really know me at all?

So no, maybe a day eating lunch at home and going to Lowes doesn't sound like the perfect way to spend a day with your spouse, and you'd probably have come up with a little more exciting plan than we did, but the thing is, we decided. We did it. And we had a good day.

We wrote our own story yesterday.

What does yours say?

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