Thursday, May 29, 2014

This Could Really Be A Good Life

I looked at my phone this morning, which contains everything I need to do life. Seriously. I would have no idea what to do with my day, what to buy at the grocery store, or remember anything if it weren't for my phone. I don't know what I did before The Phone. I probably looked up once in a while ;)

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Anyway, I put reminders in my phone all the time to go off at a certain time, reminding me to do things like take meat out of the freezer or to bring tissues to my daughter's promotion ceremony. This morning I needed to remember to send a towel and a bottle of water with my son to school this morning, but I didn't hear the phone chirp, and I forgot. And when I finally remembered that I had forgotten (only by checking my phone and seeing the friendly reminder), the bus and my son were long gone.

I chided myself for forgetting and then started complaining in my head about myself.

How when I look around this house I feel like a crappy housekeeper.

How when my kids fight and sassy-mouth me, I feel like a crappy mom.

How when I can't remember something as simple as a towel and a water bottle, I just feel crappy about life in general.

I have no shortage of things to complain about. I am the type of person that usually sees the glass as half empty, and it takes a lot of energy to turn my thoughts around. Maybe I'm just a negative person by nature, maybe it was the way I was brought up (which would be an interesting study in the whole nature versus nurture thing). But if I don't have anything immediate to complain about, I can usually start making things up in my head. I know, it's a little weird that I would do that, but I do.

As I was heading home from dropping off the towel and the water bottle at school, the lyrics to the song on the radio caught my attention.

We all got our stories but please tell me 
what there is to complain about.
{good life, one republic}

The things that I  frequently complain about are pretty superficial. Like the fact that my manicure is chipping when she promised it would stay a little longer than normal nail polish. Or the weather. Or a mess in someone's room (not mine, obviously).

That song really made me think. What is there to complain about? Because even though there is plenty of negative in life, there is a ton of positive, too. And choosing to rejoice in the positive rather than dwell on the negative can bring about a huge change in perspective.

This really could be a good, good life.

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