Friday, May 16, 2014

Wash. Rinse. Dry. Repeat.



I looked around my kitchen this morning and was decidedly spiritless about the prospect of cleaning it yet again, with it's sticky syrup from this morning's waffle breakfast still on the counters as well as last night's quinoa still sticking to the side of the unwashed pan.

I wrinkled my nose at the mess and turned toward another room, only to discover more chores waiting for me, taunting me with the monotony they represented.

I'm not the adventurous kind by any stretch of the imagination. You'll never catch me with a yearning to jump out of an airplane or to go bungee jumping. I value my life, my limbs, and my sanity too much. But sometimes, on a day like today, I could do with a little excitement.

FYI: From my own experience, when you go looking for just a little excitement is when trouble starts brewing. Let us not fool ourselves into thinking otherwise.

And I don't want no trouble.

So I look back at the messy house with it's messy kitchen and messy dishes (and I'm not even going to go into a certain girl's messy closet. She got frustrated with her lack of clothing yesterday and emptied all her drawers right onto the closet floor, and now you can't step in there. It looks like the closet threw up.) and try to put into play what I've been taught: to have a thankful heart beyond what may seem like boring, frightening, or problematic circumstances.  To reach out to God despite what may seem like a headache and offer up my thanks anyway. It's a sacrifice for me because I don't want to do it. I actually just want to complain about it, to wish it away, to be done with it. So to be thankful in the face of something that is contrary to what I'd normally be thankful for is a sacrifice for me.

Maybe it is for you, too.

Obviously, a few boring chores doesn't even come close to some of the stuff you might be dealing with.

But a thankful heart can apply in any and every situation, regardless.

Gratitude enables you to see the light of My Presence 
shining on all your circumstances. 
Cultivate a thankful heart, 
for this glorifies Me and fills you with joy.
{Sarah Young, Jesus Calling}

In the wayward socks on the floor, the forgotten binders, the half-way cleaned up baking experiment, the messy kitchen, and the closet that threw up clothes all over the place.

Why? Because as annoying and boring as the day-to-day tasks may be, they represent my life and the people in my life that I love. And that I'm very, very thankful for. (Despite the clear lack of responsibility. We need to work on this.)

I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. 
{psalm 69:30}

Maybe it's not obvious in the moment, but there is beauty in the mundane.

All this is for your benefit, 
so that the grace that is 
reaching more and more people 
may cause thanksgiving to overflow 
to the glory of God.
{2 corinthians 4:15}

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