Tuesday, June 3, 2014



I backed into the garage door today and broke it.

You are most certainly NOT supposed to see daylight through your garage door.

There is not a whole lot in life that makes me feel more stupid (at this point I should just say stupider) than making careless mistakes because I wasn't paying attention.

Of course, I backed into the garage door on my way out of the house this morning to pick up a prescription for my daughter that I didn't get last night. If I had just been able to get it last night, I wouldn't have had to leave this morning.


I went to the pharmacy at 8:55 pm last night (after 4 long hours of baseball), thinking I'd grab the Rx and go. But I haven't had a prescription filled since 2011 (!) and they didn't have any insurance on file. And the eye drops and antibiotic were over $200 (!!). When the pharmacy tech asked if I had an insurance card, I looked at her like a deer caught in headlights.

Uhhh...no, I don't.

She looked at me kinda strange-like, and said she couldn't do anything for me until she knew who to bill.

Again. Uhhh...

I mean honestly, am I missing part of my brain? Because all I had to do was tell her to look under my husband's file and get the insurance information. Or look through my wallet and find the stupid card (which I do have, by the way), but instead of opting for any of those, I just left.

My poor daughter.

Who needs eye drops because she has the most contagious virus out there--pink eye. Yuck. When the school nurse called me yesterday, I was right in the middle of teaching classes, but I offered to come pick her up after I was done. I really thought it was just allergies and didn't think much of it, told the nurse to give her some Benedryl and thought nothing more of it until she got off the bus, eye red and bloodshot and gross.

And she was completely out of it from the unneeded dose of Benedryl.

Oh, my. I may have underestimated the situation.

So when we got to the pharmacy at 8:15 this morning, after backing into the garage door and discovering it wouldn't close, I found out that the eye drops and antibiotic were still going to cost over $80.


So after a lengthy conversation with both a pharmacy tech and the pharmacist, we decided the best thing to do was to call the doctor and get new (less pricey) prescriptions. But at 9:15, after testing all the sparkley fingernail polishes we could find (sorry, I know I shouldn't do that, but what else were we going to do for an hour at CVS?), the doctor still hadn't called back, so we left. Again. With no prescription.

I mean really.

The doctor's office seemed to think that he would get around to calling the pharmacy around 1:00-ish.

The poor girl's promotion ceremony is tomorrow morning, and she has a pool party in the afternoon that she's been looking forward to for weeks. But if I don't get a prescription and her eye doesn't clear up, I'm pretty sure no one is going to appreciate me sending her to the pool with a red, bloodshot, grody eye.

I know I feel like my eye is kind of ichy. I hope this is a mind-over-matter thing.

I need to just lay down and start over.

What We Learned Today:
1. Use your head.
2. Be sure the garage door is all the way up before you back out.
3. Pay attention to life happening around you. It helps.
4. If you have pink eye and don't have the prescription yet, get some of the pink over-the-counter stuff, because surely something is better than nothing. (I did not do this, by the way. See #1).

You will do foolish things, 
but do them with enthusiasm.

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