Thursday, July 10, 2014

I don't even know why I was crying

We came to the library today so that the Minecraft Junky could play Minecraft on a screen that is bigger than 7 by 5 inches. When we couldn't find Minecraft on the library computer, his eyes started to glaze over and his hands started shaking. We can see other Minecraft Junkies talking to their computers and mining away.

Enter Super Mother. (Super Minecraft Mother.)

Thursday afternoon crisis averted.

Of all the things in the world to be addicted to, I never imagined it would be a game that looks like it was created in 1982.

My daughter woke up with pink eye on Wednesday morning.

I know, I know. I feel sorry for me, too. First lice, then pink eye? Really? The universe is getting back at me for thinking a bad thought(s) about the driver in front of me last week.

Karma. It's real.

Anyway, I took her in to see the doctor today, and I decided to go ahead and let her get the shot she needed for middle school. Apparently they won't even let you walk through the front doors without this particular shot, which I think might be going a little overboard, but what do I know? (And also, just out of curiosity, what about those people out there who don't give their kids shots? I guess they don't go to school?)

The nurse walked in, needle on a tray, and snapped her plastic gloves on her hands.

The girl nearly jumped out of her skin.

A little nervous, are we?

It was like she was in a boxing match. Every time the nurse came near (with just an alcohol wipe, mind you), my daughter would put her arms up and twist around, guarding herself against the nurse with the plastic gloves and her nefarious needle. At least I can see that she could protect herself in the event of an attack. Nurses with needles beware.

So the nurse asked me--me!--to hold down her arms. The girl is strong. If she doesn't want her arms held down, ain't nothin' I'm gonna be able to do about it. But I obliged, and tried (haha) to calm down the volcano erupting in front of me. I'm talking tears, sobbing, the works. What do you say? It won't hurt that bad? I don't even like shots, and I am a grown woman. Somehow, Nurse got the job done. It's over, it's over she kept saying to my daughter, but she kept crying for about 30 seconds after. (Yes, I said she's going into middle school.)

On the way out to the car, she looked at me and said "I don't even know why I was crying. It didn't even hurt."

Must have been all the anticipation, thinking it was going to hurt, that did her in. And to find out it wasn't even all that bad!

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?
{matthew 6:27}

But I wonder how often I do the same thing. Anticipating the pain of future events (i.e. worrying) is something I'm very good at, especially when it involves my family. But does it really do me any good?

I work really hard at adding hours to my life. I work out, I eat a healthy diet, I try to deal with stress  (Sidebar: I am on a library computer that only gives the user an hour at a time and there is a bright green bar timer counting down the seconds and minutes that I have left. This stresses me out.Why the timer? I don't like it. I keep looking over at it like it's going to blow up.) and I get 8 hours of sleep every night. So why waste the time I've been given by worrying about the things that might or might not happen? It's crazy, but I do it all the time.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, 
for tomorrow will worry about itself. 
Each day has enough trouble of its own.
{matthew 6:34}

(Yeah. Like pink eye.)

I need to work on remembering this advice. Spending my time worrying doesn't add any hours to my life, and it certainly doesn't give me the peace and joy I often find myself searching for. In fact, I believe that worry can steal those things, leaving a person sad and uneasy.

{TIME REMAINING: 16:18, 17, 16...}

Someone should seriously redesign this program.

The Minecraft Junky is happily building away to my right. I think he could stay here all day long. I, however, just worked out and am in desperate need of a good shower and a really good shampoo (I recently got a keratin treatment and Dakota says not to wash your hair as often so it'll stay in longer. It's been since Monday. I'll be keeping Bath and Body in business because I'll need a ton of body spray--Beautiful Day is my new jam--to keep this hair fresh-ish. Too bad for the library I don't have any on me right now.)

{TIME REMAINING: 10:48, 47, 46...}

Here's the good news. Minecraft Junky thinks he's not allowed to stay when the time on his computer runs out. So it's not so bad after all.

{TIME REMAINING: 0:30, 29, 28...wait, what this? An extension? Looks like he saw it, too...}

Worry less. Trust More.

Enjoy life.


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