Friday, July 25, 2014

Til Monday

Oh, good grief.

Once again, good intentions have turned into...nothing. I always have the intention to write a blog post, mostly because I just like writing my thoughts down, and a little because sometimes it's so nice to hear that I am not alone. I'll even think about what I'm going to write while I'm doing chores around the house, or driving down the road, or even talking to a friend (sometimes--I can barely chew gum and walk, much less think about one thing while talking about another). But today, my good intentions never got realized because a shower for me was essential, my kids had friends over and I tried to get my car cleaned out (I, for one, would like to just have the thing detailed, but every time I think I'm serious about it, I just can't pull the trigger on the $100++ price tag for something I can do reasonably well myself. I would also like for someone other than myself to clean my bathrooms because I hate that job-- #first-world issues. A mission trip might be good for me.), and then I had to drop the aforementioned child off with her mother, and make my pizza dough, and here comes the end to another day where I look around and wonder what the heck I did all day.

And now I'm starving.

If you were at my house, eight minutes ago you would have found me standing--no, hovering over--the oven, waiting for my cauliflower (a.k.a. "stinky pizza" to my kids) to cook to I can gobble it up.

Hang on.

The timer just went off!!

So while I'm waiting for the tasty combo of parm, mozzarella and feta to melt (five to seven minutes, I think I can wait), I'll finish this out by telling you that last week my husband and I celebrated out FIFTEENTH wedding anniversary and I wanted to tell everybody just how much that means to me. More on Monday.

By the way, I had a coupon for Dunkin' Donuts coffee, and it was on sale at the store, so I got Chocolate Glazed Donut, thinking that I might turn into a coffee drinker yet.

It was so disappointing.

I'll tell you one thing, if you're gonna call something Chocolate Glazed Donut (especially for someone who hasn't had any glazed doughnut in forever), you should make sure it tastes like it sounds.

I hear my timer, and my stomach is saying MUST. EAT. NOW.

Til Monday!

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