Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Days

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days,
Thursday, FRIDAY, Happy Days,
Saturday, what a day,
Groovin' all week with you.
{happy days lyrics}

Whatever happened to Fonzie, anyway? Did I see him on an episode of Law and Order (duh-duh)? (Which I don't watch anymore, because the L&O: SVU got a little disturbing.)

Happy Friday!!

Are you feeling groovy?

So I don't know if I'm ready for this weekend to come or not. I rather like it right now, having nothing to do but my own thing. Every single minute of this weekend will be filled with some sort of activity, lesson or sport, and I for one am Approaching with Caution, since weekend free time is a thing of the past, and double-or triple-booking our time is The Thing.

Happy Days!

Take it from me. When you start double-booking your time, start booking--yes, I mean intentionally scheduling--time with the Other Adult who lives in your home. Your spouse. Your Partner in Crime, the one who will help hold you together when you fall apart and then get snippy on the phone about not knowing (or not remembering--depends on who's account you go by, but since this is my blog and I'm writing, I say I didn't know) about a regularly scheduled Sunday evening baseball practice, which will impact other plans you already had on the schedule(this may or may not have happened in my house).

It could be five minutes, it could be thirty, but I promise, it will be worth it. (We have yet to do this, so you'll have to take my promise for what it's worth--and my husband doesn't know it yet, but we are getting up early tomorrow morning for some us time. He'll be thrilled. Yay me and my grand ideas!!)

Seriously, when was the last time you actually talked to your spouse--besides barking directions or scheduling events? This morning, we were like Okay, we'll meet at such-and-such a time and I'll drive here and meet you there and then tomorrow I'll leave at this time but we have to hurry home or we'll be late to meet this person at that time and then we have to meet this other group and this time and then we'll be home at such-and-such time and then Sunday I'll drive this car and leave at this time and you'll meet this person and drive this car and meet us in this place and then we'll all drive back together. Okay? Got it? Got it. Have a nice day, see you later, goodbye.

There is no real relationship building going on here. This is a problem, because a relationship needs more than a few bits of conversation around our hectic schedule to grow.

Hence the early Saturday morning wake-up call.

I'm looking forward to it. Everybody's grass needs a little bit 'o fertilizer, mine included. We can't let life get ahead of the reason we have this life (God aside, obviously, He's the ultimate reason we have a life)--the life that has been built as partners, side by side, as a team. Together.

I'll have tea (or maybe even coffee {gasp}--I'll have some coffee-flavored milk, please-- it may take a little more than tea for me at 5:30 on a Saturday morning), and he'll have--I don't know, maybe water?--and we will talk. Just talk. Just the two of us.

And we will watch our garden grow.

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