Friday, August 8, 2014

Noetic Science Is A Thing

I didn't think that my mood could be any worse than it was after yesterday afternoon, but I think it must have soured overnight. Because things are cloudy with a chance of meatballs over here, and I'm not talking about the weather.

I didn't get any mail today, either, and that always throws me off.

Is it possible to have PMS for an entire week?

As I was up late, reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, I decided in my hazy-eyed stupor that I simply wasn't using enough of my brain power to influence the world around me. Noetic science, Dan Brown calls it. AKA mind over matter, a concept not foreign to me but one I don't indulge in often. (Since Dan Brown is a writer of completely fictional tales, I should totally go by what he says, too. However. I googled noetic science and it is actually a thing. Who knew?)

I'll spare you all the details and my complaints of my morning, but I can tell you positive thoughts weren't enough to overcome an empty gym.

So I got back home and stared at my still-unmade bed, thinking that if it weren't for the fact that both my kids had friends over, I'd hop back in and start over again tomorrow.

I think I need a big cup of caffeine. Organizers make me happy, too.

Onward to the bathroom, where a plethora of organizational opportunities await.

When 11:15 rolled around and the boys were asking for lunch, I kind of stared blankly at them and had to blink a couple of times to remember who they were and why they were asking for lunch. This is what happens to me when I'm in my own little world.

I don't transition well.

But transition is what life is about. Can't get by without it, unless you stay stuck in one place, and who wants to do that? (Okay. Sometimes I want to do that.)

And now as I head into the fun part of the weekend, I must (I must, I must increase my bust--obviously from Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret--anybody?? Anyways, since I'm currently asking the same question, I thought it very apropos to include a Margaret reference. Maybe I'll name my metal chicken Margaret since Beyonce is already taken.)--as I was saying, I must remember that my attitude is all about mind over matter. Thinking positively because circumstances are positive is easy. Thinking positively when the road gets a little bumpy is a little more challenging, but since giving up and getting back in bed clearly wasn't (I guess it still isn't at 5:37 pm, although don't think I haven't thought about it. Because totally I have.) an option, I decided to accept the challenge and run with it. So today wasn't a total win. Tomorrow is a new day.

And besides. If I can take this:
I don't know why I have 50 pencils and two rolls of tape in my bathroom drawer. 
and turn it into this:

then I can take on my challenge of positive thinking.


  1. Hi Heather, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.Yes, when the road gets bumpy thinking positively gets challenging! Grace to all of us from God.