Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Monday!

I have successfully started but not completed three chores this morning--well, four, if you count blogging as a chore, which, when you are struggling to find the right words to describe your very soul, could be accurate.

I started out cleaning the kitchen (why must this be a three-or-four-times-a-day thing?), but then decided that make-up was a must this morning. Most days I just don't bother with it, so why this morning was so wait, I know why. I had a coupon yesterday for Revlon. Buy one eyeliner, get a mascara FREE! Who doesn't want a free mascara? I'm a big fan of Sephora, and have in the past attributed much joy to that place, but CVS is a nice stand-in when you have a coupon for free mascara. Anyways, I was excited to try my new stuff.  Yes. These are the things that excite me. (In fact, I have been known to get lost for undisclosed amounts of time watching make-up technique videos on Don't judge.)

After my make-up session, I passed through my bedroom that a) needs to be dusted (it's time when people start writing their names on your bedside table) and b) needs it's sheets on the bed to be changed, but then I remembered that I was going to clean the kitchen, so I went back in there, but decided that I needed to write an email instead, which I started but didn't complete because when I got up to go get the list of email addresses, I noticed that I hadn't written out my week on my chalk board in the mudroom, which is a MUST, otherwise I am lost and wouldn't show up anywhere. Which sometimes wouldn't be bad. So I erased last weeks schedule, but didn't write anything just yet because I looked at the chalkboard and thought hey! It's empty! I don't have anything to do! Hahahahahahaha....

I also wanted to put some pictures in the frames that have been patiently waiting on my bookshelves.

Which reminds me.

I want to show ya'll something. It's still a work in progress (projects that I am associated with typically are), but it's well on it's way to being completed! Seriously. It's been like a year in the making. {insert clapping and cheering}

Introducing: Gallery Wall

With a little help from Young House Love, I started here:

And then got here:

And finally, hours and measurements and nail holes later, got here:

I'm still waiting for two 6x6 frames to come in the mail.


Now these frames are ready to fill! And then we decided that we never really loved these green office walls, and that they really should be another color.

I'll share the results of that project with you when I get done. Probably somewhere around 2015/16, I'd say.

Have a fab Monday!

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