Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In a Few Days, I'll Be Back

Ok. So today I decided I needed to lay my tired self down and rest my eyes for just a few minutes.

I really didn't think I'd fall asleep.

Until I was jolted awake some 25 minutes later by the doorbell ringing dingdongdingdongdingdongdingdongdingdong and there was my son, home from school.

Talk about rude awakenings.

And then I was all like disoriented and groggy and couldn't walk straight, like I'd had a bottle of whiskey in my hand all morning.

Not a good feeling.

So when we went to turn on the computer so both kids could do their homework, and it wouldn't turn on, well, I didn't know what to make of it, other than to throw my good-for-nothing laptop out the window.

Onward, soldier, the library awaits.

On the way, Miss Sass informed me, after I told them to stop talking in the car because they were arguing about nothing, that this is a free country and she has freedom of speech.

Did I mention she's studying The Constitution and The Bill of Rights in history?

So here we are, at the library, sitting right in a row, so we can use the computers here, and as it turns out, the computers here might be slower than the one we have at home, which is saying a lot.

All this to say, a) it's going to be a long night hanging out at the library, b) you don't realize how much you use a laptop until you can't use it anymore, and c) I won't be posting for a few days, because my good-for-nothing laptop refuses to cooperate or show signs of life. It's okay, because the speakers don't work on it anymore anyway, so YouTube videos, video games, Skype and everything else requiring sound are pointless. But still. So very inconvenient. So thanks for nothin', laptop.

I'll talk to you in a few days!

Signing off...

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