Wednesday, December 10, 2014


We all had dentist appointments on Monday, which I dread because I have what has been deemed "soft enamel", meaning I get cavities a lot easier than the normal human being. So it seems like every time I go, I have a "watch" on "number 18" or some such nonsense.

But I digress in my complaints re: my teeth. Which I'm glad to have, as I have spotted some unfortunate souls lately who have not had the benefit of consistent dental care.

Moving on.

It was reported to me that my son, an avid Virginia Tech fan, was given a pair of University of Virginia sunglasses to wear. (Everybody knows these two schools are huge rival; everybody also knows there are three categories of college football fans: 1) avid 2) bandwagon 3) no allegiance because your own school didn't have a football team, and therefore you are forced to cheer for whomever your family cheers for. This last category is the one I find myself in. I apologize to those of you who looooooooooove college football, because there is a difference in how much you care and how much I care.) Anyhow, my son was given a pair of UVa (gasp, double gasp) sunglasses to wear (to ward off the rays of that bright dentist light), which he apparently wouldn't even touch (UVa pathogens present, probably) and then he looked at the hygienist, who is thankfully very nice, very jovial, and also a VT fan, and said "Seriously?" At which point she knew there was no way those blue and orange glasses were going anywhere near my son's precious eyes, and thus handed him the broken Virginia Tech sunglasses to wear instead, which he gladly did, missing side piece and all.

I apologized for his sassy mouth, and in hindsight should have made him apologize, but disciplining your kids when your mouth is full of dental instruments is hard. I'm sure John Rosemund would have excused himself from the chair and properly parented, but I did not.


 My son has a strong belief system. Virginia Tech rules, UVa drools. That's just how it is in my house. And his dedication to VT is so strong that even in the midst of an abysmal season, he will stay enthusiastically devoted to his favorite team.

And it made me think, in terms of faith, that there are several different kinds of faith fans, too. Avid, bandwagon, and none. I believe I've fallen into the last two the most consistently, although my son has inspired me. If he can have this passion for his losing team, why can't I have an equally as strong or stronger passion for my winning God?

Pick something to stand for, even if it means wearing broken glasses for awhile. 

Make your choice, adventurous Stranger,
Strike the bell and bide the danger,
Or wonder, till it drives you mad,
What would have followed if you had.
{c.s. lewis, the magicians nephew}

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