Monday, January 26, 2015

Teenagers and Sex...

Happy Monday!

Teens. Sex.

Sometimes we dig a deep hole and throw our head in the sand, hoping and praying that our children will get through the teen years alive and with only minor scarring. Sometimes we think they know more than they do, and we stay silent when we could voice our mighty influence into the lives of our children--and we do have a huge influence. 

Today's guest post is written by my friend Angela--wife, friend, mother to a teenager.

Just had the most heartbreaking phone call ever from the high school.

The high school.


"Our city is among the highest in the state for STD rates among TEENAGERS!"

(I'm afraid you read that and it didn't sink in, so let me repeat.)

Among. The. Highest.

In the STATE. For. Sexually. Transmitted. Diseases.



I teared up. I listened to the message like five time to make sure I was hearing it right.

I teared up.

Every. Time.

I'm broken. Jesus is broken. So very broken for each and every child who thinks sex equals love. For every adult who thinks sex equals love. For every person who thinks sex outside of marriage isn't going to damage your soul.

I've had such a burden on my heart for teens. For those who are seeking to fill that place in their hearts with anything, everything, other than Jesus. I want to share my story of redemption. I want you to know that it's not about being tied down to rules and religion. I want you to know that you are BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS, LOVED and HIGHLY REGARDED despite anything you have ever done. 

You need to know that sex with anyone other than your spouse does not complete you. It never will. No matter how many times you try. Your past does not define you. It never will. 

I want every single person, every teen, every adult, everyone to know that TRUE LOVE lies in the arms of only One.

(And it's not him. Or her. And if he or she won't wait till they put a ring on it, move on!)

You are worth more than what your body will give him or her. You are more precious than diamonds or gold. You are highly favored! You do not have a price on you!

Parents: Speak life into your teens! Let them know how priceless they are! Let them know there is no one else like them on the face of the earth. They are a gift! They are like a precious jewel that can only be truly given to one.

Teens: I love you! You are perfect just the way you are. No boy or girl will ever love you like Jesus does. Promise! I 100% guarantee sex is better if you wait for your husband or wife. You won't be the only one "not doing it or not gettin' any". Even if you already have. Who cares what people say?! It's never too late. Never!

World: When is enough enough? When will we love? When will you stop forcing sex in your commercials, in your music? When will you stop teaching us that catcalls are sexy and rape is acceptable? Porn is the "norm" and cheating is expected? Why do I have to go sit in an auditorium full of 30-and-40-something-old parents taking notes on how to keep our teens safe from STDs and pregnancy, when the REAL issues of extreme peer pressure and self-worth aren't addressed?

Church: Our teens are hurting. We have to stop turning a blind eye or worse, condemning them for past choices they've made. Why do we condemn our teens for poor decision making yet embrace our adults for the same mistakes? Rise up, Church! We need to be making Brides. Disciples! We need to teach JESUS WITHOUT ABANDON. Stop judging. Start loving. Create safe environments! They are the FUTURE CHURCH! No more sugar-coating crap!

I'm only sharing my heart through my own past brokenness. Through my own story of complete redemption. I may step on toes. I may offend. I may not be liked. I may be persecuted. 

So was Paul and he went hard.

So was Timothy but he didn't stop.

So was Peter yet he pushed the push backs and persevered.

So was Jesus unto death. A death He died for all the crap I've done. And all you have done. It ain't pretty but He can take it. He loves me!

I've experienced both worlds. I've walked through it all. Jesus is bigger. Jesus knows you. He sees. He loves!

Now I beg beloved #answer the call

#redeemed #experiencedalovelikenoother #bethatchangeyouwanttosee

Mom to three, Angela homeschools, gardens, makes homemade granola, and drinks coffee. Sometimes simultaneously. She loves baking things from scratch (and eating it!). The eldest of her three youngin’s is finishing up his last year of high school. (Don’t bring this up around her. It’s a touchy subject.) She’s passionate about Jesus, Africa, making disciples and her hubby, DJ. 

DJ and Angela have started a not for profit organization called Ovadia Ministries, where they seek to serve orphans and widows. Angela has felt a burden on her heart for the unloved and through her own testimony, is on a mission to share the Good News with anyone she comes in contact with. Angela wants to be so full of the Holy Spirit that others can’t help but catch fire too. 


  1. Love this my sista!! Continue to stay in Christ.

  2. Violet, YOU are an inspiration! Love you, lady!