Monday, January 5, 2015

The Wrong Way

At the end of the summer, we got some landscaping done--in the same bed that has now been re-landscaped for the third time. (We had some drainage issues and some major deer issues. Hopefully the drainage issues are fixed because the deer issues aren't going away, and we have been providing some really expensive and really pretty deer food. Insert really, really annoyed emoji face).

What I want. Not what I have.
You didn't really think this could be mine, did you??

As with all landscaping projects, the sod and the plants need to be watered after they are installed, otherwise all the money and the hard work is for nothing.

Do you know the two household chores I hate the most?

Cleaning the bathrooms. Especially the shower. Blech. (Is it weird that I hate cleaning the shower more than I hate cleaning the toilets? It really might be.)

And yard work. Including watering.

I am truly baffled by those people (maybe you are one--my mom was one) who are Lovers of the Outdoors, who like to get in the dirt, planting and watering and weeding and making your sweet little garden grow. I do want my gardens to look nice, but I have zero desire to go out there and make it happen. A discrepancy, I know. (When I win the lottery, which I don't play, the first person I will hire will be the gardener(s) from my local nursery, who also happen to know or somehow be involved in the gardens at an old boutique hotel not far from my house. Both have gardens that rock.)

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and do those things you don't want to do anyway, which is why I was out there early one summer morning, shoes wet (the worst), scowling at the dew on the grass and the dirt and the water, hooking up my sprinkler.

A neighbor let me borrow this handy timer for your faucet that lets you turn on your water, but the timer controls when the sprinkler goes off. So last night I set up my sprinklers, tested the first hose, and went back inside. But when I came back out to make sure the ground was wet, the ground where the second hose should have sprayed was still dry. This is a problem. So the next morning, determined to figure out exactly why it wasn't working, I waited and watched, (leading me to believe that I should have just hand-watered the whole thing--which, according to the understudy gardener, who is filling in until I win the lottery, I should have been doing all along, but I ain't got no time to stand around and hand water a bunch of grass--but whatever), and I could immediately see what the problem was.

The sprinkler connected to the second hose was going the wrong way. But it sure was doing a nice job of watering the grass that didn't need to be watered.

Sometimes, because of a fervent desire to actually do instead of sit and watch from the sidelines, I look up and realize I've been watering in the wrong direction.

I get involved in the doing part and stop paying attention to the how my doing is affecting the people around me.

Sometimes this requires a long, hard look at what I've been doing.

There is such an emphasis on service--not a bad thing at all--but sometimes it's easy to get lost in the serving and the doing and the busyness. And so even though my heart might be in the right place, I've forgotten all about the Who behind all the serving.

Watering in the wrong direction.

Sometimes all it takes is a small adjustment, and then you can really see your garden grow.

And if by grace, 
then it cannot be based on works, 
if it were, 
grace would no longer be called grace.
{romans 11:6}

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