Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

(My nod to Taylor Swift. Just because.)

Guess what! You got it. Another snow day.

So since February 16, my children have been in school for one and one-half days. Will this turn into another long weekend? TBD.

Because my angels tend to think that a snow day is a no-think, all-play, face-in-a-screen day, I told them that they each had thirty minutes--yes! thirty whole minutes--for screen time, and that was it. No more, thank you sir and ma'am. It is high time we use our time productively (i.e. we need to clean our rooms), and today is the day.

"Mom." I looked over at my eldest, who was looking back at me with a brazen glint in her eye. (The other was nose-to-the-screen involved in an intricate MineCraft design.) "It is SO not fair that you get to say how much time we have on our devices when you spend like FOUR HOURS on yours. Seriously. FOUR. HOURS."

The co-conspirator didn't look up, but managed a "yeah, mom", because when sister is on your side, it's best to agree. Especially when MineCraft is hanging in the balance.

Okay, first of all, if I were to spend FOUR HOURS on any device, it would not be playing games. It would be blogging, or checking email. (Or Pinterest, sorry, this is a weakness.) I do spend a fair amount of time texting, but it's not overkill. Oh, and My Fitness Pal gets a workout on my phone. But really. FOUR HOURS. I sense an exaggeration here. I think.

Since I'm lightning on my feet, and I never miss a beat, I decided to shake it off. (Really, that was clever.)

But it did get me thinking. The time I spend on any device, whether I've decided it's justifiable or not, is perceived just the same as MineCraft, or any other game to them. Because I've got my nose to a screen, and I don't pay attention when they talk, and I don't notice when they leave a room, and what they see is Distracted Mom. Now see here. I'm an adult, I want to reason with them, so therefore I obviously know what I'm doing.

So I threw it on the ground. I'm an adult.* (Exactly two people will get that reference. Go ahead, you two, laugh with me.)

*Not really. I didn't actually throw anything on the ground.

Obviously, adults have things they need to do on their phones. But when my kids perceive that I'm spending waaaay more time on my phone than I am spending with them, then a reassessment is in order. Pinterest has such yummy ideas, but can it wait? Like, a day, even? And while My Fitness Pal is very helpful, it won't be the end of the world if I miss a day. And blogging? Well, I haven't been incredibly consistent these past two weeks, and now you know why.

Because pretty soon, my kids won't be complaining that I'm not spending time with them. It'll be the other way around.

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