Friday, March 20, 2015

Overwhelmed and Giveaway!

This week has brought on the crazy, and for the third Friday in a row, one of my children is home for school for phantom "stomach" issues that I just can't quite call BS on, so here we are. Home together. Or as Daddy Warbucks and Annie sing...together forever...

When he woke me up last night to tell me he might be sick, the only thought I could think in my sleep-stupor was something akin to what every mother of a newborn baby thinks: I may never get a full night's sleep again. Never mind the fact that for the entire week of nights this week, my sleep has not been interrupted. Fact: I don't deal well in the middle of the night. Fact: My kids have missed out on some truly wonderful and tender mother/child moments because of this. Hope: Somehow I've made it up to them in other wonderful ways. In the day. When I'm awake and conscious of what is happening around me.

So since I have a semi-sick child on my hands, I figured I'd write real quick-like to tell you what's going on around here, and then I'll be off, devising wonderfully tender mother/child moments in between barre class.

Image result for overwhelmed by perry noble

Sometimes life can get overwhelming, and it happens fast, right? And while one minute you're thinking I got this, the next you're wondering what just happened and why you have no idea what to do. As it were, I have just the book for you to read: Overwhelmed by Perry Noble, who happens to be a pretty funny guy. And it's completely free when you comment or share!

How bout that for an awesome start to your Friday!

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