Friday, April 3, 2015

Laptop: The Update

So here's the deal: I've heard of things being lost before*. I mean, my son went to a friends house a couple of years ago with two shoes on his feet and only returned with one, prompting an emergency trip to Rack Room Shoes for a new pair. I don't know if the school has a specific rule in place re: shoes, but I do know that they expect you to wear them. (Shoes have been a consistent issue in our house, especially in the past, with my children hopping happily in the car, inevitably on our way to WalMart, with no shoes on their tootsies, and me only discovering the shoe omission in the WalMart parking lot, where I say "whatever" and heave a great sigh, and then walk around WalMart, two shoeless kids in the basket.)

*I had a dream one time about an item so insignificant I can't even remember what it was, but what I do remember is that I had a dream about it, and in my dream I looked under my desk in my room and found said item, so when I woke up the next day, I looked under my desk and lo and behold! My prize possession (that I can't remember what it was). Weird, right? I thought at the time "maybe this is my gift", which would have been super cool and made me a lot of friends, but sadly, it seems that it was an isolated incident. 

So here's what I cannot figure out: how does a family completely lose a laptop computer? It's not like it's small and it certainly wouldn't blend in with any decor besides the office decor, and it is clearly not where it is supposed to be in there. I thought maybe this could have been an April Fools joke played on me by one mischievous little girl, but when asked about the laptop, she went through the timeline of events:

"I took the laptop up to my room, and then I turned it on."


"Then I took it in my bathroom and sat it on my toilet."

Okay, wait, you sat it on your toilet? Meaning you were using your toilet as a desk? When we have plenty of horizontal space in our house? Whatever, keep going.

"And then Kelsey came into my room and I laid the laptop on my bathroom floor" insert eye roll from me, "AND NOW ITS GONE, AND THATS WHERE I LEFT IT!!!!!! And I've looked everywhere, just like you told me to do!"

(Her "everywhere"--i.e. a few countertops and the living room floor, are quite different from my "everywhere"--i.e. like, seriously. Everywhere.)

Before we get into Rules of Proper Laptop Usage, to go along with Rules of Proper Trash Can Usage, we need to find the laptop.

First I just want to know why we have so many laptop/computer/electronic/technology issues anyway.

"Maybe somebody stole it!" she offered. 

You mean to suggest that someone broke into our home and the only thing they saw worth stealing was an antiquated (read: it's at least three years old, maybe older. A dinosaur.) Toshiba laptop with 6,792 candid shots and selfies on it? I see some holes in your theory.

But for now, we will just have to keep on looking, because extended Aprils Fools joke or not, the dinosaur is MIA.

I got an email yesterday morning about Good Friday services and Easter Sunday services, followed by the question: How important is the resurrection?

It made me think. This is not a question I ponder in my everyday life, although maybe it should be. How important is the resurrection?

But if there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.
{1 Corinthians 15:13-14}

It got me thinking, especially when I read my pastors words: "there was never a more important moment in history than the moment Christ rose from the dead...Paul says everything we believe hangs on the resurrection".

I've never been one to place much importance on any one holiday or event, and the compassion and sentimental genes passed me by when I was made. But when I started thinking about how my faith and what I believe truely does hang on the fact that today, Christ was crucified, and Sunday, He rose victorious, defeating death and allowing me a freedom I never would have known otherwise, it indicates how very much I need to be celebrating with a spirit of thanksgiving this weekend.

Have a wonderful Easter, and I'll see you next Monday!

Update to the update: So I say to my kids "TODAY IS THE DAY WE FIND THE LAPTOP" and out of nowhere my son goes "I know where the laptop is" and I'm like "where you not ever around during any of these find the laptop discussions but whatever where is it?" and he's like "in my room" like we all should have know this. His room. The one place I didn't scour. Huh. 

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